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Hey girls

Juts a quick question.... when you sterilise your bottles in your Tommee Tippee steriliser are you able to touch the inside as soon as it is done comfortably? Its just i can and to me that means its not getting hot enough?? DS is only 3 weeks and i brought it brand new directly off the website. I seem to remember my Advent one that i used with dd would get so hot i had to leave it a good 15 minutes before taking the bottles out.

Can someone let me know please as im worried my poor little mans bottles are not sterile and he has been a bit unsettled the last few days so im wondering if his little tummy has caught a bug or something :roll: if so i need to send it back asap.

Thanks girls xx


  • Mine is exactly the same actually. My mum has the TT microwave one at hers and that is scalding hot for quite a few mins. Not sure why there's such a difference. x
  • My stays scalding hot for a good time longer than the 5mins you have to leave it to cool. Saying that the power light is temperamental and it went through a phase of the sterilising cycle lasting over 10mins and it was letting so much steam off you couldn't go near it!
  • Mine is scalding also for a few mins, bottles are really hot but I always seem to forget and take the bottles out and throw them on the worktop. Ouch.
  • mine is always too hot when it has just finished, if your not happy ring the careline, there quite good at sending out newone if its faulty
  • mines deff very hot when done xx id phone tt customer care and ask them
  • Mines always roasting hot afterwards. For around ten mins. I'd ring the careline.

    Jayne xx
  • Oh thanks! Its defo not working properly then is it.. grrrrr ! Tried ringing tonight but they close at 4pm so will try tomorrow. Thanks for the advice xxx
  • mine is the same too, although sometimes the power light doesnt work!

    Hope you manage to sort it out!
  • Mine would burn me too if I touched the inside right away! I have heard of people having quite a few problems with these steralisers though
  • Ours was hot but I wouldn't say overly hot...that make sense?
  • I'm with jellyfishpink - on the rare occasions when I'm right there when it finishes the cooling cycle the bottles are hot but not too hot to touch, just quite hot. But usually I put the steriliser on and go and do something else for 20 mins or so, so I probably wouldn't notice if they were slightly cooler.

    I would have thought that as long as there is steam coming out during the sterilising cycle you would have nothing to worry about.

    C image
  • hiya if its not piping hot its not sterilising
    this happened to me , i used to put steriliser on and leave it , only by chance was i waiting for it to finish and thought they were just very warm!
    have been distraught thinking of how long i have been giving my baby unsterilised bottles.
    i have to send 2 tomee tipee sterilisers back as aparantly this is common i am so upset by it my poor baby.
    went and got a mothercare one today and its sooo much hotter u cant even take the bottles out straught away.
    tommee tipee have promised a full refund and a gift pack for my baby,
    not good enuff though my baby is 10 weeks and been so unsettled im now thinkin hes had stomach ache the whole time...............
    if u r unsure send it back xx
    Lisa and vinnie xx
  • Oh Lisa what a pain!! I didn't manage to get through to them today.... just kept putting me on hold it was a nightmare. Arghhhh ! Wish i hadn't have brought it direct now! :roll: x
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