Karen Matthews...........

Have just finished watching the panarama programme........wtf??? Drugging the children??

I don't wanna start a huge argument or debate on here but ffs what has gone on with the world lately...

Since I have become a mother I can't believe the awful stories in the press lately........

Poor Poor Shannon, hope she can one day have a lovely normal life.x x x


  • we've just heard it on the news. god knows whats gone on in her head it just seems sick. I'd rather be poor with a happy healthy child than do what she did for 50,000 and all the money that got wasted on the search!!!! but i wont go on anymore
  • I know exactly what you mean, poor little love. Not quite sure how her mother thought she was going to get away with it in the first place, silly cow.

    I didn't watch the Panorama programe as tbh the coverage of this has really p**sed me off. It's quite local to me, oh works in their local ASDA and when she went missing it was obviously all over the local news but was barely mentioned on the national news. Once she was found and the mother arested the national news were all over the case, but kept, for want of a better word, slagging off the area she came from. It was almost as if the media were saying that it was to be expected that it was a fraud as they were poor and that really, really wound me up! Don't get me wrong, it is a very poor estate, but so are lots of other places and they don't get refered to as slums on national tv!!

    Sorry, I'll get down off my soapbox now, the media really wind me up sometimes!! Main thing is that little Shannon is now safe and looked after. Local rumour has it that she actually asked not to be sent home again when they found her.
  • Theres not a lot you can say about a woman like her. She's just a sick, sick woman. I hope she gets some kind of mental help because clearly she needs it. I agree with you totally EmmaLou. Some people just get too big for their boots! I've just seen todays Mirror front page.. she wanted to "do a maddy" wtf? Muppet. xx
  • she's a dirty disgusting thick as shit horrible evil cow. im amazed that she's got all those children in the first place cos it means that she's had sex. when that other woman said she had to ROLL the dirt form the soles of shannons feet i was nearly sick. they should of been taken into care long ago.
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