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How early can babies start teething?


My daughter is 1month 2weeks and 5days old and im just wondering if babies can start teething that early?

The last 2 days she has been crying allot more then usual and shoving her hand in her mouth and her cheeks get really red and she has loads of dribble coming out all the time.

Just wondering if there is anyway she could be teething and what could i give her to help?

I would appreciate any advice, thank u :\)



  • My daughter showed the same signs of teething from 3 months but her first tooth didn't appear until she was 6 months. Some babies can show the signs really early on, like yours, but they might come and go for a few months while the teeth are pushing below the gums.

    A frightening thought but some babies are born with teeth, now that would really put mums off bf!!!
  • my little one is 12 week and 6 days and has been showing all the same signs for about two weeks now x
  • she started teething from around 6 weeks with the same signs, her gums were also really hard and she would chew the teat on her bottles (thank god i didnt bf!!!)

  • My little man has had 2 teeth coming through since he was 6 weeks old but they settled down after about a week and haven't really caused him too much issue until about a week ago and he's 20 weeks now.

    Lucie x
  • my son started teething at about 14 weeks and got his 1st tooth at 16 weeks. the h/v didn't believe me at 1st until his tooth actually came through! teething rings which have cloth on that you can put in the freezer are good. and once they arte over 3 months i think you can use dentinox which is great as you can put it on every 20mins rather than ever 3 hours like bongela! x
  • My mw told me some babies are teething from birth and some are already born with teeth! Now that would be handy, knowing they have already been thru the worst stage and not even been born yet!! xoxo
  • my auntie was born with a tooth!!
  • Sounds like it could be teething. Some LOs cope with this better than others. Zacky started when he was around 10weeks and then got his first 2 teeth at xmas when he was around 29weeks. He has coped really well but has never taken to teethers, he feels his hands do a much better job. And when it does get too much the dentinox comes out.

    On the other hand though it could be the begining of a growth spurt and LOs just feeling a little bit more hungry.
  • last couple of weeks my lol been showing all these signs but she wont use a teething ring or anything in her mouth but she does have the teething biscuits i no there not aloud them till 4 months but my health visitor said it would be fine my lol is 12 weeks old x x
  • My daughter is the same and has been since 10 weeks (15 now) she cant quite get a teething ring in her mouth as it seems to be troubling her at the back so I've given her a weaning spoon to chew on but a teething biscuit sounds good she has seemed interested in food since birth!
  • wow, glad i saw ths post.... been wondering the same, Jake is rosy cheeked very often, chews his hand and anything else he can get in his mouth. out come the bickypegs i think... they are actually yummy!
  • Hi
    Dylan cut his first tooth at just under 4 months and the second a week after, so was teething for a while before that! I've used Anbesol & Nelsons Teetha which have worked v v well with him. I can use both together as the Nelsons is herbal (both recommended by hv & pharmacist)!
    Sarah x
  • hi was just wondering if anyone can give me some advice. My little boy, has been drooling, having his fist in his mouth since he was 2 and a half months old. He is now nearly 14 weeks old. His cheeks are rosy, drooling loads more now, whingey, when feeding he takes it bit at a time, then goes back to his bottle. Could he be teething? Many thanks.

  • Hi mumoflogan. Everything you describe sounds like classic teething symptoms. You can expect those bottom two teeth to pop through any time in the next few months. We found Anbesol liquid brilliant for teething pain, and we have one of those Amber beas necklaces that I have no idea if it does anything!!! 

    Expect some very soft nappies too and for your little one to possibly go off their food while teething, and piss a high temp too, but don't worry, it'll pass. 

  • thank-you mrsg. Yeah I been on the receiving end, excuse the punt, of runny poops lol. Been giving him some teething powder that you just tip out into his mouth, settles him. Thank-you for ur reply. Hopefully, he will get them soon! ????

  • Teething usually begins around 6 months of age. But it is normal for teething to start at any time between 3 months and 12 months of age. By the time your child is about 3 years old, he or she will have all 20 primary teeth. The lower front teeth usually come in first

  • My niece is only 3 weeks old any chance she could be teething already !

  • my son is 2 months and 2 weeks old today and he's been drooling and chewing on his hands and binky and running a fever for the past few days. Idk what to get him to soothe his pain since they tell you not to give them anything for the first 6 months

  • she started teething from around 6 weeks with the same signs, her gums were also really hard and she would chew the teat on her bottles.

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