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hi, i had to start weaning emmy-lee a bit earlier than originally planned due to doctor and HV advice and so had to start on purees rather than trying baby lead weaning. however now she is about to hit the 6 month mark i'm keen to try and introduce BLW now she is getting old enough.

so basically my question is: can somebody please give me a comprehensive list of foods my little girl can eat from 6 month+. i'd like foods i can puree as she is used to this, but also snacks, and finger food ideas too if possible please?

thanks girl x xx x


  • Hi hun,
    She can eat absolutely everything at 6 months apart from honey, shellfish and raw egg (they need to be well cooked) I think i am right in saything that. Please correct me if i am wrong someone!!
    So if you are cooking for her then casseroles, spag bol, shepherds pies, The best things that puree smooth are sweet potatoes, butternut squash, put them into things, my lo loves salmon. Its always good to put something sweet like apple, sweet potatoes, squash into meals as babies tend to have a sweet tooth.
    Hope this helps
  • We did the same. I started weaning at 5 months but lo wasn't ready to do it himself so began BLW at 6.5 months. The key is that they can have anything you have (apart from salty things and honey)

    I started with giving roasted veg and fruit. We didn't really move onto meat until about 7.5 months.

    Things I can suggest are:

    Sweet potato and normal potato wedges
    Roasted parsnips and butternut squash
    toast fingers - I think this was the first thing I gave him.
    steamed brocolli
    steamed baby carrots
    Mango slices (keep the skin on one side and then they can hold it better)
    blueberries (split them with your teeth then easier to eat)
    ripe melon chuncks
    bread sticks
    rice cakes

    The list is endless but hopefully this helps

    From 8 month my lo was eating properly and now loves meatballs and fusilli pasta etc.

    I was very nervous of him choking but he gagged a lot and really knew how to handle it when something got a bit stuck.

    I also gave the organix carrot puff things to begin with so he got used to holding things and didn't have to worry too much about the chewing part.

    Good luck and relax and it will be fun. I now do a bit of both and lo will eat loads one day and not much the next but he has steadily gained weight and his sleep has never been affected by his food intake!
  • I would also recommend getting your hands on an Annebel Karmel book, she has a finger foods on and a complete meal planner for babies and toddler and there is some fab recipes in there.
  • thanks girls!

    just another quick question...can she have fruit juice jelly? i despise jelly and am terrified of it (weird i know! but it moves on its own and i just think that's freaky! lol) so don't know if there's anything in it that would stop her having it?

    i'm presuming proper jelly should wait til she has a better chweing techinique so she doesn't gag? but as fruit juice jelly goes to liquid do you think she could ty that any time soon?
  • get the annabel karmel book!!!!!!!

  • thanks, i'll try to get one somewhere soonxx
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