Early teething?

When did your babies first start teething?

Beth is 15 weeks, and for the last 2 days she's been crying every now and again as if she is in pain. It seems to come and go, and hasn't really disturbed her sleep, and no temperature. But if I put my finger in her mouth when she gets upset she will really chew and bite down hard. Could it be teething? Or if not, what could it be?


  • Hi Poz,
    Am so gald someone else has asked this our lo is similar. He would rather chew on his hand on anyone else's finger/arm than eat his bottle. And the dribble-does Beth dribble lots? I end up putting a bib on him all the time otherwise we change his 2/3 times a day as wets everything through!
    Silly hv I saw today said babies don't start teething till 5 months and it can't be why lo has been off his food and everything else! Hope other people have an answer.
  • Yes, Beth is dribbling loads as well, and it seems as though her hands are always in her mouth nowadays!
  • My Step Mum recommended these weird things called biccy pegs. Like long fingers of really hard rusk that you tie to their clothes and they chew on but don't eat. Bought them and then realised they said from 6 months onwards but I have to say I'm tempted to give them to him. I find the things you can buy for them to chew aren't the right shape for him-fingers crossed someone can help us!
  • Yes definitely sounds like teething! My LO is 15 weeks and got her first tooth last week and is now cutting her second! She started teething at about 10 weeks (Mum to 1 your HV sounds a bit daft!) so don't expect them to get teeth straight away! Hope that helps!
  • My lo has been like this for literally months now. He is nearly 7 months and still no teeth! Apparently the feeling of the teeth moving under their gums into the right place is v ticklish and uncomfortable and it could be that rather than actually cutting a tooth.
  • Faith teeth are not though yet she 30 week there is still time queen bee
  • millie had a few days like that at 8 weeks but then she was ok but shes 11 weeks now and has been really bad for the last week!! her hands r constantly in her mouth with her thumb rubbing her gums and she cries sometimes she also dribbles alot!! but has not got a temp and is still sleeping fine and feeding well. someone said about using these gel things that tomme tippe make they r suppose to be good for young babies so im going to try them as her teething ring is too big for her xx
  • Thanks for all the replies, I guess it is her teeth then, just hope it won't last too long. It's so horrible seeing her in pain.
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