Last bit of baby weight

I have about a stone I want to get rid of, but I need lunch (to take to work), snack and dinner ideas please girls

I always have wholemeal toast with marmite for breakfast so I think I will start using Clover light for this instead of normal spread

I don't like eggs, mushrooms, or fresh tomatoes, and working full time then having Haiden in the evenings I don't have much time, which I'm sure you all understand!

Can anyone suggest any simple ideas please? xx


  • what about taking in home made soup? U can make a load upat the weekend and then just heat it up (if you have a microwave in work that is).
  • I do- wouldn't know where to start though! x
  • Well I'm not the best cook but I can manage soup lol!! In mine I normaly put 1 sweede, 1/2 parsnip,4 carrots, 6-8 small potatoes and use chicken stock. I cook it until everything is soft and then blend it!!
    that normaly makes about 5-6 portions of soup!!
  • Good one, so do you use seasoning? The issue I have with soup is I HAVE to have bread! x
  • no I don't use seasoning personaly. I love my bread too but I try and limit it to 1 piece with my soup-hard I know lol!!
    I am also on my last stone of baby weight to lose!! I put on 4.5 stone and have lost 3.5 so far but this last one is hard lol!! xx
  • It's bad isn't it, I put on 2 1/2 stone, 2 fell off then 1/2 went back on! I'm wearing a 12 now, which is fine but I want more babies and if I follow the same pattern I will go up a size after each one! No way, I will go back down now and start from the same point each time, thank you very much!

    I will definitely try your soup. How long does it last? x
  • To lose my wieght I did this:

    Went from blue milk to red
    cut sugar out my tea
    cut butter off my bread
    ate ryvittas for breakfast instead of toast
    cupasoups for lunch or weightwatcher soups (I don't like the taste though)
    and baked fish or grilled chicken for dinner

    for fish just put whatever flavours you could try a parsley basil garlic and lemon butter and the grilled chicken is ace with sweetchilli sauce and noodels..

    What il admitto dong is major calorie counting. You'd be surprised at how little a Lloyd grossman Thai curry with noodles and chicken is! Haha x
  • lol I don't balme you!!
    I am back in a size 10 but was an 8 before so want to get back to that really!!
    It's only veg in the soup so in the freezer I would think that would last a few months xx
  • What sorts of fish do you do? I like sea bass but it isn't the cheapest! x
  • tbh I'm not a fish eater really!!
    I can just about do cod but that is it really!!
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