Things to do with a new baby....

Hi, just thought i'd start a thread to get some ideas really. Im on mat leave till December and Hayden is now 3 months old.He's alot more alert now and i think its time to start 'messing' and doing more with him - to keep him entertained and me!! :lol: I need some ideas to keep us busy (apart from visiting friends)

Things we've done up to now:

Hand and footprint paintings
Long walks with the pram
Fed the ducks at the park
Visited the zoo
Had a photoshoot



  • do you have a sure start center near you? most of them do an under 1's group or ask your hv about baby massage classes x
  • Ooh what a good thread!! Will be keeping an eye on this one!!!
    We go swimming once a wk at Puddleducks which is brill, but you don't need to be part of a class to do it, lots of pools do family swim/baby swimming sessions, so just ring up and find out when the pool is nice and quiet.

    Also we go to our local baby and toddler group, these often tend to be at local churches and I know in our area (and we're quite rural!) there is almost one everyday at all of the different churches!!

    Another thing I'm so glad we did (although we go less now, but want to get back into going!) is join are local Sure Start Children's Centre. It's all free and they offer so many classes, we did a post natal group which looked at weaning, sleeping, play/development, first aid and baby massage over 5 wks. They also do baby massage classes, baby sign and messy play.

    We're always a big fan of play dates tho, and now it's nice weather we have moved these to our local park!

    Hope these ideas help, and I'll be checking up for other ideas!!
  • I have done TinyTalk with Matilda since she was 5 weeks. We love it. It introduces baby sign language but is made up mainly of singing and actions. They have them nationwide. Also, they do exactly the same thing at my local library (but it's free!) and they call it Rhyme Time. Would def recommend both.

    K x
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