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wont sleep

my lo is 4 weeks old and recently he wont sleep, he really fights it, and because he is so tired he winges alot, when he does finaly settle it's not long before he wakes up again for his nxt feed, any ideas


  • Hi Claire, my son was the same (is now 16 weeks) he was a big baby and was very alert the day he was born. I thought that newborns slept loads, but not Oliver!

    He used to moan and moan and would fight it too. The trick that does it now, is to try and recognise the tiredness signs before they get over tired/over stimulated and put them down. It took a few days, but Oliver now naps in his cot during the day and I put him down awake. Hope this helps x
  • I have exactly the same problem with my son who is 17 weeks, he also winges all day and i think its because he's tired. I have just started swaddling him and its seems to work most of the time he tends to be alot happier after a good sleep hope this helps.
  • hi
    we had the same problem with our LO. She now 16 weeks and naps well but untill bout 7 weeks she refused to sleep in day.
    I found that swaddling worked for a couple of weeks as stops flapping arms waking them up. Also started making sure naps were upstairs in her own cot/moses basket rather than on me or in her chair. It took a few days of patience (me) and crying (both of us!!!) but eventually she has learned that she sleeps when in cot. I read the baby whisperer book and found that although i don't stick to it religiously by the clock, it helped me get some routine into the day.
    hope you get a break through soon.
    good luck xx
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