appatite after jabs

my lo had his 3rd lot of jabs on tuesday since then i can hardly get any bottles down him and hes tired alot and keeps waking in the night for a feed. has anyone else know this with their babies as im geting really woried about him hes not the plumpest of babies so i dont want him to loose any weight xxximage


  • Mine was the same - maybe that's why he's annoying me so much!
    He was off his food, and even though he had his jab more than a week ago, he's still dead whiny. He's still not back to normal with his eating. He won't take much from the breast, and really only 2-3oz from the bottle instead of his usual 6oz.
    Has he had any calpol? I've found that helps a bit.
  • I will try ngiving him some more. he usually sleeps threw and has done for months but he keeps waking up so its very frustrating. harri is usualy on 6oz but im struggling to get 3oz down him so we are in the same boat. sounds awfull but im glad im not alone! sending you a hug!
  • i h8 it evrytime he has them hes always a bit touchy but never this bad! xxx
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