too much smoothie?!

i am going to post this here and toddler coz toddler has gone a bit quiet again!

basically i thoguht id try brooke (18 months) on the kids innocnet smoothie since it was on offer in tesco! lol and she seems to of gone of her fruit and veg. anyway its 100% fuit and she loves it. have been giving her one cup a day with her breakfast then just normal juice wich will last her all day, the smoothie is gone in one she dont put it down till gone.

she has had 3 cups so far today keeps going to the fridge for it.. i dont see the harm since its 100% fruit (just expensive) do you think there is such thing as too much smoothie? or any harm in her having it all the time instead of juice? obv not if we are out coz wont let it hang around not in fridge but at home..

if so i might give it ago making up a batch myself... any opinions greatly appreciated!


  • I think maybe stick to juice/water and 1 or 2 cups of smoothie, the reason being they are quite filling sometimes & might fill her up too much so she's not hungry for her meals. Thats the only reason I can think of though! xxx
  • yeah didnt think of that. cant believe how much she loves it! she literally drinks the whole cup in one go! where as juice she will have one cup that lasts her all day so im liking the fact she is drinking more...
  • There is a lot of fibre in them as well, I rememeber going through a couple of bottles in one day and omg I was pooing for England and not to mention the stomach cramps!!
  • I think smoothies are a great idea. I think the only thing is to watch how many she has as there is lots of sugar in them from the fruit. All natural of course, but it's still sugar.
  • lol had no funny nappies as yet! but she has onlt been having one cup a day she has had 3 today!! ahh lucky rob is off for the weekend lol! he can have em! lol horrid aint i!
    ccbmommy-that did cross my mind coz at slimming world u cant have smoothies they have to be synned coz once fruit is broken down all the natural sugar is realeased etc.. but surely thats what u do to it when u eat it anyway!!...
    getting a new fridge freezer tomorrow and the fridge will be at the top now so she wont be able to reach it.. x
  • i've been thinking about buying a smoothie maker and doing them for the whole family, as ben and i are useless at eating fruit, and evie loves it!

    I would maybe limit it to 1-2cups a day purely coz the poo's might get a bit.... lets say "loose" lol! X
  • Hiya I have a smoothie for breakfast and lunch of:

    soya milk
    6 ice cubes
    grated fresh ginger
    1 banana
    1 spoonful of manuka (live) honey

    I love it!
  • sounds good carolyn but not for the babies! i believe they cant have honey till they are over one.. correct me if im wrong though. specially live honey... xx
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