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I always used to be really determined to have a good career. I'm an accountant and started working when I was 16 so I have been doing this for 8 years!! I'm qualified as an accounting technician and working towards being a management accountant. However since having lo I cannot stand my job or even the industry I work in. I feel like all I do is put numbers in a computer. I want to do something worthwhile and rewarding. I have no intention to get much higher as those people never go home. I went for an interview yesterday for an internal job and he told me they often work til midnight (from 7.30).

I really want to do something like teaching or social work. I'm not naive and know that people in those industries work hard too and it can be tough. I just want to feel like I actually make a difference. Does anyone else feel like me? Or has anyone made the leap and changed career? I'm considering stopping my accountancy study and doing a night or OU course which would help me get on to a social work degree.


  • grr be was "unable to create a gap in the tree" what tree ffs!! :lol:

    ok try again

    i totally feel the same as u i left school and trained to be a nursery nurse then qualified and became a nanny and then had ds so went to work in tesco in the cash office ..i also feel like all i do is count money and tap numbers into a computer alllll day :roll: and i would really love to train to be a midwife but its impossible and not only that i cant afford to go to uni now due to the rent on our house being mahhooosive!! :lol: xx
  • yep! I worked for Lloyds TSB before having Jake but have just enrolled on an access course so I can go to uni and do teaching. Do you have A levels? A degree? x
  • Hey chuffedbaby2, have you looked into re-training properly? I have looked a little bit and it's not super awful. There are no tuition fees for NHS courses as the NHS pay for them and you're still entitled to student loan and, I believe, an NHS grant (which you don't pay back). Also, you can get a position as an maternity assistant (or something like that) which sounds like you can learn on the job. I think you have to get in touch with your local PCT about it. Anyway, if it's something you really want to do it might be worth having a good old look into it?!

    And Lil Betty Boop, I've done part of an OU degree. It's really tough because you've only got yuorself to keep you motivated but the resources they send you are really good and the field trips are excellent. I can only speak from the courses I've done but they seem excellent value for money. Sitting exams again is still as horrible as it ever was though!!

    Good luck in whatever you plan to do. I wish I had the motivation to change jobs but, even though I don't particularly like my job anymore (it isn't the same as it was 6 years ago), the hours and pay are good.
  • I know how you feel in a way honey, I have gone from dead-end job to dead-end job over the years. I'm working in Mcdonalds at the moment. I do enjoy it though and out of my jobs I've had a lot of good experiences.

    I did start a degree in English and Creative Writing (was a great writer in my teens; used to write all sorts of poetry and fiction, and it was good, the whole of the 6th form liked it anyway) but when I fell pregnant at the start of my 2nd year, my motivation (little as it was) just...went.

    I've no plans to return but I've always wanted to train to be a nurse...But I can't afford more university fees.

    It would be great if the NHS funded the diploma but I wouldn't do it now until Gabe had started school and I have that bit more time & by then OH will hopefully have progressed to supervisor & be earning more.
  • CLAREB- i have looked as hard as i can into it ,contact uni's and colleges for access courses and also nhs to see about a maternity assistant placement and just feel like im hitting my head against a brink wall....what is pct?? thanks so much for the info though maybe when we get on our feet i will look into it xxxx
  • I'm pretty much the same, spent most of my working life 9years+ gaining every qualification possible in financial advice, top of my field and high earner but had my DS and now don't want to go back to it!

    But need to decide what I do want to do and facefacts that i won't earn as much but simply don't want the stress and hours that go with old career!
  • Hi Chuffedbaby2,
    PCT is Primary Care Trust - the bit of the NHS that covers your area.
    Sorry to hear it's been a bit treacle-tready. I half thought about midwifery when I finished my degree but never got further than just looking into it. Now I've been through it I'm not sure I'd have the confidence in myself to make some of the decisions they have to!
    Good luck getting back on your feet. Does that happen again?!
  • Midwifery is near on impossible in my area. It is degree entry level only and last year 700 people went for around 12 places!!!

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