How do you... money when its a bit tight?
We've just had some crapy, crapy news about oh's job and I've just taken 3 months off unpaid and then will be down to 3 days a week so our income is almost halved-with a lo!
Anyway, am trying to stay upbeat (thanks to ccbmommy and her cream egg post!) but wondered if you had any good ideas (other than don't eat so many cream eggs!) of cutting costs, saving the pennies. Thought if there's anyone else feeling the pinch this might help them too.
Thanks in advance, Bekkie xx


  • Hey Lara,
    I honestly think things happen for a reason and it was the kick up the arse I needed to tighten me belt and stop acting like I'd won the bloomin' lottery! I don't mean we're in debt, we're lucky, it's just I was acting like I still brought in a full wage if that makes sense?
    Like the idea of a spreadsheet and I like the challenge of staying within a budget. Think it'll besomething we can work on but it's making the time isn't it? We keep meaning to but now we have to. Have used the website before but not for big important things so will do.
    Thanks for your reply babe really is appreciated x
  • hi, i know it is absolutely awful, i was in a right state last week cos thought my oh might get made redundant, luckily it wasn't him so can relax slightly. In any case i'm trying to tighten my belt a bit so i've been setting myself a food shop limit of ??50 per week - it is ni on impossible but it tends to stop me spending as much as i normally do and buying as much crap.
  • Hi tallkatie and spec,
    Thank you. Think the changing providers is a good one as we've never done that before so I reackon we're bound to save!
    I also like the idea of setting a food budget/ limit. I've been trying so hard to cook everything (only been cooking since lo was born!) and then pop some in the freezer for the end of the month. As I'm trying to get lo to eat all sorts I'm buying fresh fruit and veg and I guess that bumps it up. Will totally give those suggestions a go. Thanks ladies. Will find out about oh nad work by Friday then God knows what'll happen.
    Typical isn't when one bit of your life is flippin' fab another bit goes belly up. But am keeping a Postivie Mental Attitude and a smile on for oh and lo.Thanks again xx
  • aw hun it is hard isn't it, we seemed to be spending lots of money at the supermarket so we now do it online with Tesco. It means you can see the total in the basket and then look through it and decide if you really need it. Also they offer cheaper alternatives as well. We also use supermarket own brand nappies and find them same quality if not better!

    it does cost money for delivery but this site offers you money off vouchers, for example i got ??9 off a ??90 shop and delivery was ??4 so saved ??5 off the food!

    I hope this helps x
  • Hey,

    am really sorry to hear thats things might be getting very tough for you,

    I cant think of anything that hasn't already been said. When we first bought our own place I was great at keeping an up-to-date spreadsheet, my dh was worried I was worrying too much but as soon as I relaxed more we spent tons too much! So a spreadsheet does really work!

    Buying fresh friut and veg doesn't have to cost that much more especially if you have a market you can buy it from? Louise tends to get whatever is on offer when I go shopping! Online shopping helps to keep down food costs asyou get a running total rather than finding out how much you've spent at the end!
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