Baby Monitor Recommendations??

Hi ladies i am getting all confuddled wwith the reviews for all the different baby monitors they contradict each other can anyone make a recommendation for a baby monito that is around the ??50.00 mark.



  • BT150 is wonderful, could be slightly more than ??50 but it works a treat and has lots of other features so could save you money in the long run. No need to buy extra thermometer, music player, etc x
  • def agree with baby purchase so far. BT150 everytime
  • Happy with my bt150 too x
  • Really happy with my BT150 as well. Its usually ??70 but if you shop around or wait for an offer you may get it for ??50ish. Maybe try amazon or ebay!?

  • Its only ??52 on this one, might want to look at it properly though i only looked at price!
  • thats good thats one i was looking at but someone put a bad review on amazon although all the others were good.....i suppose you cant please evryone maybe she got a faulty one!

    Nevermind thanks ladies i shall make my purchase soon x

  • I love my BT 150 too. Some of my friends who opted for a monitor that's not digital really regretted it due to interference etc x
  • Hi hunny its a bit more expensive but its the best thing i have for baby. My mil bought us the angel care monitors and matt. You can use them as normal monitors but it also comes with a sensor matt. If your baby doesn't move or breath for 20 seconds an alarm goes off. Its excellent for your piece of mind and the reviews are really good. The only downside is i keep lifting the baby out during the night to feed and change him and forgetting to switch it off, obviously after 20 seconds the alarm goes off as their is no movement lol. Im unsure as to what they cost as it was a gift but did see it in tesco for ??70. Xxx
  • We have the BT150 to and it's fab.

    BUT - I bought a video monitor when Beth was about 5 months and it's probably the best thing I've bought for her. (that and the Jumperoooooo!) My sis has the BT150 and is also now buying a video monitor as she loves ours so much!

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