xmas dinner :D mmm yum

im not very good at planning and having things organised, and my brain has gone to mush...i blame being pregnant lol but im going out shopping later so will probably get my turkey crown then if the dates on them are good. what else can i buy in now for dinner/xmas food? is it too early to buy the veg? any help would be great xx

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  • Wont you be putting the turkey in the freezer? If you are you could have bought it weeks ago lol.

    Wouldnt get fresh veg yet, i would wait til the weekend. You can get your stock cubes, gravy granules and yorkshire puddings now. You could also get your sausages and bacon.

    Dont forget a big chocolate cake and some ice cream for dessert. Or a xmas pud if you like that (i dont).
  • Double post

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  • Me and my dh are going to start ours tom evening, them he's going to make a list of things for me to get fresh next monday or tues. Though am quite tempted to go at some silly hour of the morning at our 24 htrs tescos!

    I cant be any help though as this is the first year we're stayimg at home and cooking........
  • Oh yeah i forgot about stuffing.

    Loopy loo you should def go to tesco at stupid o clock. Its brilliant. So quiet, and you can actually get things done without a million distractions.
  • yeah i went at silly o clock last xmas, to beat the rush. id recommend asda or a local 24hour after 10pm on the night before xmas eve as your still getting things just as fresh and without it being hectic.
    MKT86 i cant buy a frozen turkey as my freezer is a small one built into kitchen so only has 3 small compartments so ive got to buy it fresh and keep it in the fridge. xx
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