Swimming trunks -other than mothercare

Do you know anywhere else other than mothercare I can get some swimming trunks/shorts for my 2 month old?



  • Hi there

    I use Kushies with my little girl, when we started swimming she was too little for the mothercare swimwear and Kushies wrap around like a reusable nappy so the medium size fitted her from around 11 weeks when she started swimming. They are def available on Amazon. Also on amazon have a look at the splashabout neoprene pants.

  • splashabout are a good brand for getting bits along with konfidence. must admit that I pick up most of my swimming stuff on ebay as it tends to be cheaper and they don't use it that much. There are also some good prices for new stuff too.
  • Mini Mode at Boots have a good range including all in one swim/sun suits x x
  • www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk do swimwear

    We use a splashabout neoprene nappy (get ours through waterbabies but think they're on amazon too) over a disposable swim nappy - these do go down to an extra small size, took me a while to realise as I was waiting for lo to hit 15lb to fit in the smalls!
  • I know it's not what you asked but have you considered a wetsuit - keeps their core temp up. that's what Daniel wears in his swimming lesson. it doesn't have arms or legs just wraps around the middle x
  • boots, tk maxx, other than that all the supermarkets have them in the summer, so might fi????nd some on ebay xx
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