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O/T New Puppy - Needs Naming

Hey ladies

We took a visit to our local dog home today and have ended up with a 6 week old black lab puppy!! We pick him up on Wednesday. DS1 is SO excited image

Didn't mention to DH until driving home that puppies keep you up at night too :lol: (I am sure he would have put his foot down!)

Can anyone recommend a good name for him??? On the shortlist is Benji & Sonny but need some more inspiration.




  • Just make sure you choose a name you're happy shouting out down the park in front of total strangers!

    When I was a baby our dog was Merlyn. Truffle could be good for something different, Toby, or take inspiration from his character.
  • I know the following black labs: Ziggi, Ptolemy (silent 'p'), Jack and Harvey.

    Benji is cute ...
  • i love those dogs! we have to get a bigger house with a bigger garden before we can get a sure there are websites with 'doggy names' like the baby name ones..
  • Haha over dinner we came up with Toby as well!
    Eek decisionsimage
  • my dogs called smeagol!

    put a ticking clock and warm covered hot water bottle in puppies bed, helps them adjust. x
  • You have several nice names but just for adding to the idea list how about Duke, Samson, and of course the infamous Bob. LOL My little sister named every pet she had bob.
  • OMG how funny!! We are picking up our 8 week old black lab puppy on Sunday!!! Lol!!

    After much deliberation we have decided to call him Dudley!!!

    We also had Cooper, Bentley, Robi, Wesley, Benson and Sidney down as favourites too.

    Good luck with your new baby!! I can't wait till we pick ours up!! x x x

  • i like benji, when i was little we had a Simba
  • My dog is Howard! people always laugh when I'm shouting him in the park!!
    Bet you can't wait to pick him up?! puppies are fab!
  • my mums dogs are "Butch", "spud", and "Benji"

    My last dog was called "Jerrylee" (K9 film lol)

    My childhood dog was "Sooty" (he was black lab/alsatian)

    my sisters dogs are called "Matilda" and "mojo"

    One of the dogs i rememeber while on holiday was "conkers" loved it. lol

    my mums neighbour has a yorkie called "jock" and if it had been doing anyones head in it ended up gettting called Jock strap. lol

    Hope i've helped a little. xx
  • How exciting Sugar & Spice that you are getting a new puppy as well. I can't wait till Wednesday. Went and registered him with the vet this morning & bought some chicken wire to secure the bottom of our fence - don't want my little baby escaping!!

    Thanks for all your suggestions. It's harder to pick th pup's name than my childrensimage

  • oohhh i'm so jealous!!! I actually know someone with a labbie called lettuce!!! I like Toby. My mum has 2 doggies, ralph and ted, and my sil has a collie called Duke. Good luck with the toilet training, i remember those days, our Maisy had me up every 3 hours!!! xx
  • Eeek up every 3 hours - I will keep that quiet from DH!

    Have toilet trained pups before - i think it's a bit like potty training! Positive praise & don't say anything when they do something wrong. Think toilet training is quicker than potty training (I hope!)

    Ralph & Ted are great names

  • Hi amd G/C from preg,

    am so jealous, we have put on hold getting a puppy until baby arrives and is a bit bigger. We want a lab or golden retriever, such a fun family dog.

    I have always loved guinness for a black lab, rolo for a brown lab.

    Other names i love are pepsi and sam. cant wait to hear what you have picked x
  • oh Baby crazy I love the name Guinness image Rolo is great too!!

    Charliemum, I'm fully prepared for the disturbed nights too!! I was'nt sure whether to get chicken wire or get a puppy pen? Lindam do them, just like a playpen but for dogs. I think I forgot to mention that we will actually be looking after my dads new puppy too so we will have two little pickles come nxt week!! His one is female and I think he liked either Poppy or Pepper but I'm not sure what he's decided yet. I'm hoping with two they might keep each other company at night and settle in a bit better. It's just going to be twice the chaos when they are awake!!! lol!! The biggest thing that scares me is that one or both will escape out of the garden!!
    x x x x x
  • Hi

    my friend had a black lab puppy, it chewed its way through every bit of wood they had including kitchen cupboards and door frame, helped dh to decide he wanted another baby instead of another dog lol

    enjoy them they are fab tho

  • Oh dear DB thats not what I wanted to hear!! lol! I know they can be right pickles tho!! Thats why ours are'nt going anywhere near the kitchen!! We have a toilet/utility room and it's huge! I usually bung all the kids outdoor toys and my pushchairs in there. That is the new puppys room. We have brought a second shed for all the stuff that was previously in the room!
    My oh will only let me have another baby if I let him have a dog!! Sounds fair to me, everyones happy image x x x x
  • DB - i used to have a black lab and it chewed EVERYTHING! It was kept outside and chewed all it's kennel, run and our garden shed :lol:

    My Dad was fuming image So I am fully prepared for it hehe

    Sugar& Spice - I have spent all evening 'puppy proofing' my garden with chicken wire. Don't need a run now.

    2 more sleeps.............................Still no name image

  • My mums friend has a black lab called Guiness!! she has another called Shadow and a Brown one called Coco.
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