Bananas & Poo

I know bananas can cause a kind of black bits in babys poo but is it normal for them to be explosive? Whenever I feed LO banana (I have finally figured this out) he does a proper runny poo explosion that leaks everywhere whatever nappy I use! It also smells really weird - not like poo at all - kinda 'sour'! Its very strange. It obviously doesnt bother him but should I stop giving him bananas, could this be some kind of allergic reaction??


  • How bizzare! I gave Louise banana for the first time on wednesday night and i've yet to see a change in her poo.........
    sorry but dont know it's it's an allergic reaction - could it be his tummy just getting used to it?
  • hehe banana poo is Tegans nappies are the same when we give her banana, when she was younger and it 1st happened tho i asked my hv and was assured that its fine and nothing to worry about image xx
  • Kai's nappys are the same when I give him banana it is so gross, but he loves bananas so I would feel bad if I stopped giving them to him lol
  • hi id love to know why kids react differently to banana's my son gets really constipated if he has a whole banana i try and limit him to 2 a week to save him being bunged up (sorry tmi)

    lisa,jack and bump 33&3 xxxxxxx
  • I think banana reacts differently as I've heard that it's good for constipation & diarhhea! Work that one out. It's most probalby the way his tummy reacts to it. I've never noticed anything different about Charlotte's poos when having banana, only the black bits.
  • It seems bananas have all kinds of effects on lo's! Why does our poo just look brown and boring eh?!? :lol:

    I think I am going to stop giving him them for a while just to save on the nasty job of rinsing the icky vests and clothes before washing them!!
  • Kara was the same the first time that I gave her a banana. Now she won't eat a banana for me so I have no problems with that at the minute.
  • Last night I saw the effect of banana was explosive and the first leaking one she's done since being on solids.....also it had lots of brown wiggly lines in it....and

    I'm amazed it took from wed eve to fri eve to come out of her system though!
  • Hehe, I'm glad you didnt miss out after all loopy loo! :lol: In the nicest possible way!
  • I haven't had this pleasure yet! might try it next week! :lol:
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