a few q's re breastfeeding, beakers, and eating!

A few questions!!

DD will be 6 months on saturday and has been breastfed since birth. Started weaning a week and a half ago, just on first tastes at the mo, all going okay (ish!!).

She has a bottle of expressed milk at bedtime so that daddy can feed her. She has no problems with the bottle. Am I right in that she keeps the bottle for bedtime? She also has a bottle once or twice a week when nanny looks after her. How do I start to introduce a beaker of sorts? Is is when I start giving her water with her meals? And if so, should I start giving water now with her lunch, or is it something I should do once she's used to eating first? Or should I get her to use the beaker with the milk she gets from nanny? (even though its only once or twice a week, max!).

Also, when do I feed her food in relation to breastfeeding her - after a breastfeed, or before?? I can't quite work out when suits her cos her feeding routine is all over the place at the mo (thinking its maybe a growth spurt combined with thirst combined with a nipple attachment!) At the moment food is sometime between 12 and 2 depending on what she's like!

Ta muchly!!


  • I would give her water in a wee cup at meal times with water and re breastfeeding I would feed her about an hour before so she gets her milk quota but will be hungry enough for a wee munch xx
  • I agree. Introduce water in a cup now. Keep her bedtime bottle. BF about an hour (or to finish about an hour) before you give her food. You don't have to worry about milk in a cup just yet. xx
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