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i'm looking into getting thomas a door bouncer to keep him entertained but when i looked on the mothercare website the ones on there had bad reviews.

just wondered if any of you have one and how you get on with them - which ones you have etc?

if they are as bad as the reviews i won't get one!

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  • i got one 2 years ago from mothercare for daniel and he hated it,i tried it on jack yesterday and he loved it,the only bad thing is i find it quite hard to get them in and out on my own,and sometimes the straps on the side rubbed on his face but he wasnt complaining

  • Hey there.
    Yes, we got one in Argos and my lo LOVED it!
    It was great as she could stay up and supported without me for a while and it really strengthened her legs.

  • ive got the lindam one. very hard to attach to door frame. i have to get the step ladders out. the 2 arms are hard to pull apart. jessica is only in it for about 15 mins before she wants to come out. if it was easier to put up i might use it more.
  • We tried a Lindams one out this weekend at a friend's house. It is a bit difficult to get him in and out of but apparently there is a knack to it and he loved it so much that I think it is probably going to be worth the money. I've been offered the loan of one but will buy one if that doesn't work out.
  • We had the Lindam one too and LO loved it - it is stiff to get on and off the doorframe so we just left it there! There is a knack to getting them in and out on your own - I used to kneel on the floor right in front of it, then take LO's weight on my other knee, leaning on me, while I got him in - same to get him out, knelt and sat him on the other knee while undid the straps - then I had to teach him to 'wiggle' (if I said it enough he'd do it!) to get it to move down/off his legs - otherwise lie him against your shoulder while you pull it down. Ours was definitely worth having though
  • I have the Lindam one too and i got it off ebay for a ??5 barrggaainnn!!
  • we also have the lindam was given to us by one of hubbys friends. Its good, ciara has just started going in it as she can support her head now..she hasnt quite got the hang of bouncing yet but she likes to 'twirl' lol. Its easy to attatch to the door but as the others have said...a bit tricky getting baby in and out. I always put the changing mat underneath so she has something soft on her little toes. HV reccommended putting different things in the floor 'to enhance the sensory experience' eg, bubble wrap, clinkly wrapping paper etc. Its good fun, Ciara enjoys it but gets tired quickly so shes only in it a short time. Some babies hate them, but you could be naughty and buy one..try thomas in it and if he does hate it take it back and claim that someone else has also bought him one, or that it doesnt fit on your door frames. Not that i'd ever dream of doing anything like that:roll::roll:
  • I have the winnie the pooh one from mothercare - really easy to attach to the door and Ella loves it! the only slight difficulty is getting them in and out but that is purely because the seat is so secure / snug against her legs - a good think I think! Ela spends 15-20mins in hers!
  • I had the lindam one for both the boys! They loved it, but i also found it hard to put up/take down. In the end i just left it in the doorway and used to pushe past it to get in and out of the room lol. The only thing i'm not keen on with door bouncers is that both of mine always used to bump their heads on the dooeframes. We also have the problem this time around that Luca would try to swing or bounce Bella in it which could be nasty! So for those reasons we're going to get a jumperoo instead as it seems a little more sturdy. But i would def recommend the lindam one! xxx
  • We had the tippy toes one from John Lewis. Bought it on reccommendation from a friend and we thought it was fab. Not sure how much we used it and probably could have used it more.

    Can't say he ever bumped his head like Lynz experienced. We used to hang toys on his and he loved that.

    Would definitely get one as it provided 20mins entertainment each day so I could make dinner ! S x
  • We got the lindam one from a car boot for ??1.50 and Abby LOVES it! It is a bit awkward to get her in and out, but well worth it.

    I put Abby's on the kitchen door - and it keeps her well entertained while I do all my jobs. It also means that I can chat to her while I get on with stuff.

  • We got a lindam one but soon realised it wouldn't fit any of our doorways except the kitchen where the dogs would give him a bungee run effect!

    So we came up with a slight modification, we screwed an eye into a ceiling joist and hooked his lindam bouncer on there with a karibiner and he loved it, used to spend ages in it and built up calf muscles like i dunno what!

    Then daddy treated him to a jumperoo and he really loved that! I would say the jumperoo was great, do what we did and try a friends first and see if lo likes it!
  • thanks all. after him playing up pretty much all of yesterday i decided to order one so i'll just have to give it a go!!! thanks xx
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