Wanting to concieve No2 lo only 6 months ... advice needed

Hi everyone ..

Just need a bit of advice/reassurance really

Really want to start TTC baby number two as always wanted a small age gap between ... however my hubby isn't so sure and worries it'll be hard work etc ... any advice/opinions wanted from anyone with children with small age gaps ... pregnancy with a young baby etc ...



  • Zara was 5 months when I found out I was pregnant with Madison & I'm not going to lie & say the pregnancy as a breeze coz it was a hard at times when I was struggling with morning sickness but thankfully my morning sickness was just morning sickness & passed quite quickly. The tiredness was another thing but you cope & I definately wouldnt have changed a thing. Madison is nearly a month old now & although she wasnt sure about her at the start she adjusted quite quickly & she loves her to bits now.

    My 3 are 3 years, 15 months & almost 1 month & its definately a busy house but its also fun & really rewarding seeing them all growing up together so happily. To me the positives by far outweigh any negatives

    Good luck
    Hilary x

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  • Hi hun can't tell you what its like to have two kids but I can tell you what its like being pregnant not long after having one!!!! Ashton is 8 1/2 months old and I am just over 3 months pregnant. Ashton would have only been 5 months when I conceived this one and so far its not been too bad. Although I am tired looking after him, you just get on with it. Aslong as your oh is there to support you I am sure you will be fine. Mine is great on a weekend and lets me go for an afternoon nap while he looks after Ashton so I can catch up on my sleep!!!! Good luck trying and hope to see you pregnant soon! xxxx
  • Thank you for your advice Hilary, fingers crossed going to talk things through with my hubby tonight , just dont want to rush into things although i feel its right he isnt so sure!

  • Like Tammi said if you have lots of help & support from your oh it definately really helps both when youre pregnant & when the new baby arrives.

    Good luck talking to your oh & hopefully he will agree with you if you feel the time is right

    Hilary x
  • hi tamarabell

    Thanks for your reply ... we have compromised and decided to start trying when my lo is 9 months! was your second planned? most of my friends think im mad wanting another so soon! xxx
  • HI mummytink to be honest we talked about having our second whilst I was pregnant with ashton!!!! Yes mad I know. I always wanted two kids and my oh is older than me and didn't want to be an old dad so we started trying straight away - would have liked a smaller age gap but thats the way it goes!!!!

    A friend of mine also had a daughter who is 6 days older than Ashton is also pregnant again now, so we are not the olny mad ones, lol. xxxx
  • my lo was 12weeks old when i cought with my second (on the pill) and i have hyperemesis whilst pregnant (extreme sickness 24/7 needing hospitalisation) i deffinatly found the pregnancy tiring with a very young baby but as soon as my second was born it was a doddle lo just slots into your routine if i had to go back in time i wouls still do it again as my girls are 3 and 4 and are so close to each other there like best friends im now pregnant with my 3rd (girl again) and my 2 cant wait its lovely
    claire x
  • hey Im 14 weeks preggers with number 2 and my little man is 6 months old, im worried about the gap as it wasnt planned, but it will work out for the best, i think little age gaps are better, there is a 7 year age gap between me and my brother and another 7 years between that brother and my oldest,! Quick is besT!!
  • my son is 23months old and my twins are 11wks and its very hard work the thing what is doing me is sleep as iam up twice as much,the pregnancy was hard as i was so big and it was getting hard to move towards the end and i had spd but i did have lots off help,which helps loads
    good luck

  • Thanks everyone ...

    im definately thinking a smaller age gap is best just got to get round the hubby haha!
  • Hi. I'm 18 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and my first little girl is only 7 months old. She'll have just turned one when new baby arrives. It hasn't been too bad at all so far. I know it will be very hard work in the first few months with a newborn and a one year old but I think a small age gap is lovely. Good luck working on hubby! xxxx

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  • Just wanted to add that a small age gap can be really good because the older child doesn't get jealous cos they don't seem to ever remember being the only one. There's 12 months and 12 days between my girls and they get on great! I found out I was pregnant when lo was 4 months and have to admit it was harder being pregnant second time round- not as much time to rest etc- but the birth was loads easier! And I honestly don't think it's much harder having 2 lo's than it is having 1.

    Good luck whatever you decide!

  • I really wanted to have a small age gap between my lo's but jack is now 6 months and as we are getting married in May next year i just darently have another lo so soon cos i def need lots and LOTS of time to try and shift all my baby weight. If it wasn't for wedding tho i'd def be ttc now, jack is 7 months. x
  • I agree that a smaller age gap will help stop jealousy .. my friends little one is very jealous at the moment as she has just had another baby and shes really upset about it.

    Awww i still haven't shifted my baby weight ... tbh id rather have lo no2 and then shift it all . I might leave this forum up for hubby to see.. lol! just think hes not seeing the good reasons and is focusing on the hard work ... im so broody though my little girl is just gorgeous .. i had a hard labour and it ended in emergency cs but i would do it all again in a blink good luck with your wedding spec!! image

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