Anyone bought the £25 Hauck stroller in the Asda baby event?

Hi all, Im still after a light second buggy to pop to town with, Asda have the Hauck Sports Stroller for ??25 at the moment but Ive read alot of bad reviews, has anyonwe bought it?? If so is it good or bad???

Ive already got a Quinny but just wanted a light buggy that I can keep in the boot for quick trips to the shop.

Claire xx


  • Its great if you are short like me its fab but it was origionally bought for my mum who is taller and she stepped on the brake alot, its lightweight, very easy to fold/open, easy access to basket and the footmuff is nice as well. I'd say very good value for money to use as a cheap run around, mine stays in the car. I'd say get it!
  • Thanks Rebecca, Im gad to hear a good review from someone I know. Wil go and order it now.

    How are you & Luke getting on these days, I remember you from TTC and Born in...

    Claire xx
  • HI I thought i reconised you as well, and you remember is name, yeah we are good managing well on my own, its hard but no as hard as some people make it out to be. He is a right cheaky chappy a happy little boy who will be 1 on the 2nd September.

    How are you if I rember you were in ttc for a while, glad you are now a mummy. Email me if you want to, I am on fb.
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