Question re custard, jelly and rice pudding

With custard, jelly and rice pudding, are they okay to have? Just that I have looked at the sugar levels in each and they seem quite high?! I have fed DD full fat custard twice now and she loves it but the sugar level is making me question whether she should be having it. If I can't give her these, I'm going to be even more stuck for ideas for dessert apart from yoghurt or fromage frais!!
DD is 7 months tomorrow


  • Hi hun,

    I haven't given custard yet because i was a little concerned about the sugar levels. However i have given rice pudding and jelly.

    I made my own rice pudding, it was really easy and actually really tasty without sugar! I just baked 2oz pudding rice, 1 pint of milk and some cinnamon for about 1.5 hours in the oven. Stirring halfway through to stir in the skin, and it came out really lovely and creamy. If you want, you could add a little sugar but i didn't feel it needed it, you can also add a fruit puree to sweeten it if you wanted.

  • I only give my daughter homemade rice pudding so that I can either put none or just a tiny bit of sugar in.

    I personally wouldn't give her shop bought custard/jelly etc.

    NN x
  • We use miller little stars fruit juice jellies and have attempted to make baby custard - Birds powder just made with milk and no sugar BUT it tastes quite salty so either add stewed fruit or a tiny bit of sugar
    ps we used that rice pud recipe and all loved it image
  • oh pants, we're great custard fans in this house!!
    LB, your homemade rice pudding recipe, can I freeze portions of it?

  • I have frozen it and it was fine. It defrosted well and still tasted as good as when i made it image x
  • Yeah you can make home made rice pudding...I did it once. I think we stuck with pureed fruit and yogurt till 10months maybe? Can't remember. But he's certainly had Ambrosia custards and rice puddings before! Ds is 2 now and I give him sugar free jelly. People say sweeteners are as bad as sugar but I'm not so sure thats been proved? I think they're a lesser evil anyway. Other than that he has yogurts, fruit, sometimes ice lollies
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