Stodgy Pudding Ideas

We give our LO either fruit porridge or fruit rice pudding after his savoury about 5.30pm, so that he's nice and full for bedtime (when he gets a bottle). We started weaning with porridge and it really helped with his sleeping, so I'm a bit frightened to drop the stodge at this time of the day. He has lighter puddings at lunchtime, yoghurts, fromage frais, jelly, fruit custard, etc.

I'd love to experiment and be able to offer him something else that's stodgy though and wonder if anyone has ideas, thanks xx


  • How about rice pudding? Apple crumble & custard? x
  • I was about to suggest crumble image Rhubarb is a winner with Grace!

    Bananas and custard are also reasonably stodgy and I sometimes add a few raisins as well.

    I have never tried it, but in the States both sweet potato and pumpkins are used in desserts - I think you could mix either with fruit and add custard.

    My mom tells me that my favourite pudding was jam sponge or swiss roll and custard as a child, and I would imagine that would be fine with either less jam or perhaps the low sugar variety,

    Hope that helps!

    Em xx
  • Bread and butter pudding? Pancakes & custard?

  • i think these would far too dangerous for my diet....
    One for LO....
    one for mummy!!!

  • Mmm, I agree shockedmummy but they sound very tempting, I might give some of these a try - thank you xx
  • How about a microwaved steamed pudding with custard? They only take about 5 mins to prepare and 3 mins in the microwave image yummy image x
  • I do stodge filling at teatime too!

    Sometimes I give LO pasta with her main course so she can have something lighter for pud.

    B xx
  • That's a good idea Mrs Busby, never thought of that - was sticking to meat/fish with veggies. Thanks xx
  • Im hungry now :lol:

    Bananas and custard go down well in our house! May have to make a crumble though and he loves rice pudding! We also had homemade banoffee pie this week.

    I also find adding things like mash to the main means he sometimes doesn't even need a pudding!

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