hubby going

just had news that mr kell2 is going away to work when we get back from our hoiday in may. he is going to japan/china & hong kong till the end of the year.

he is gonna miss graces first birthday :\(

we are going to have to go out and visit him, gonna miss him sooooo much



  • no, having a little tea party too so will have to take lots of pics and video.

    looking forward to our holiday, willmake the most of time together. just going to have to fly out to wherever he is

  • Oh how awful. Will he be able to come back for visits?
    Do you have skype? It's not the same but at least you'll be able to see each other.
  • hubby mentioned skype this morning, will have to get it. he cant come back we have to go to him.

  • I know you have proberly been asked this a thousand times but what does hubby do??

    How sad hun, I feel for you,
    X X X
  • submarine cabelling, he is on the coast doing the testing.

  • thats such a shame, but atleast you'll have your lo to keep you company. I've never used skyp but its meant to be great, will be a good way for you to keep in touch.

    and you've got all us to support you!
  • oh bless thankyou

  • Skype is good and very cheap - we got it as all of hubby's family are in Spain so we can chat to them and they can see my lo x
  • What a shame. Enjoy the time you have together. Take lots of pics and videos of each other that he can take so he can look it, and keep some for you as well.

    {{hugs}} I admire you, I couldn't cope if my OH went away for 7 months!!

  • Hi, I agree about Skype, it is fab. We live abroad so all our family are in the UK and it means we can talk to them all and see them for free for as long as we like!

    Make sure you book yourself and your lo a trip out to see him so you have that to look forward to. Have you got family around who can help you while your hubby is away? xx
  • well my family are about 2hours away but i would prob spend a lot of time down there with them. it means me giving up work aswell so i can go and visit hubby as much as poss and whenever i can. its only part-time anyway and im not losing the chance of grace seeing her daddy and us seeing eachother.
    he has worked away quite a bit, we have been lucky lately that he has been working from home but when lo was born he was working down south so got no time off when she arrived as he works self employed. (no work no pay).

  • Hello hun, hope you are ok? Sorry about yr news, as an ex-army wife i kinda know you feel. Just wanted to say - i haven't personally used skype but my parents live in Holland and we have a Tesco internet phone that plugs into yr PC via USB and you can talk to other Tesco phones for free. Think each handset costs about ??20 but then you pay nothing at all after that. And you could take it with you to yr family's and set up the software on their pc too. Me, my mum in Holland, my sister in Manchester, my nana - even my uncle in Afghanistan have them!! May be worth a look.

    Hope you're all keeping well xx
  • hi joanna, thanks will have a look into that.

    hope your ok, any news?

  • Aww i don't know what to say! I'd defo set up that skype that everyones talking about because it sounds good and made me think about doing it to speak to family abroad. Isn't there anyway you could move there with him? i know it might be hard for work and stuff but was just an idea.

    Sorry can't be anymore help hun

    We're all here for you anyway.

    Lisa xxx
  • That's a shame but I'm sure you will be fine. My friends hubby was away for most of the 1st yr of their sons life and she found it tough but says they have a stronger marriage for it.
    Skype is good like everyone says. And we're here is you need a chat. S x
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