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Hi, I'm a new member and my names Rob and I was wonder if there were any chance of me winning care of our baby Heres the situ > I'm OK and I'm Dad, Kelly's Mum and she has learning difficulties and was suffering from Manic Depression before. She also had her other Son taken away before I knew Her which is sad to know. But the trouble is we are split up and not married and the babies gone into care with foster parents while the court sorts it out. Does anyone think I have a chance to care for our baby Son on my own at home. I cry myself asleep at night thinking My Son Jonathan is being taken far away from us!
Someone please put my mine at rest thanks Rob!:cry:


  • I dont know much about this sort of thing but didnt want to read and run. I should think as long as you dont have any underlying issues yourself eg. criminal record, health issues, you are the childs biological father and it is stated on the birth certificate and you have a stable home - then I shouldnt see why not. I wish the best for you and your son and of course for mum too. Take care.
  • Personally I can't see why not if you are in a position to give your son a good stable up bringing and plenty of love. I would personally rather see any baby being cared for by a family member than in care. I am sorry to hear that his mum is having so many problems and hope she gets the help & support that she needs. Tammi & Ashton xxx
  • you need to talk to S.Y - shes good at this sort of thing!
  • Thank you all, What I need now is positive thinking then I wont worry as much and thanks again Rob!:\)
  • Hi rob, i think you should be ok and cant see why they wouldnt let you? would your ex give consent to this?? are you on birth certificate and no health probs or criminal record as someone else said then i think you'd get custody? I really feel for you as it must be horrible being away from your child? do you get access to see him? Keep us posted on how it goes, or if you ever feel down and need a chat then i'm on msn at [email protected] tc sara
  • Bless you, it sounds like a horrible situation. I can kind of sympathise as I suffer from severe PND and am terrified my baby (Gabe, 24 weeks) will be taken off me, I have my mental health appt soon and dreading it. No wonder you are upset, I cant bear the thought of losing Gabe....I would too much rather a child was cared for by a family member than in care...good luck keep us updated x
  • Hi, and welcome to baby expert! You'll find us all a very friendly bunch willing to ask/give advice or just chat about random things!

    Do you have a meeting to decide who your son is going to live with? If so, can I make a couple of suggestions of what you could do to help your case.....

    think about what support you have as a parent and who can help you, eg your parents, close friends

    know how you can support your son financially

    how is your home suitable

    social services should want to place your son with a family member and you should be as open and honest with them as possible as really they should be there to support you. It is thier job to support families rather than just take children into care. You should also be open to any additional support or monitoring they feel they should do or are willing to give.

    any good social worker or other proffesional involved should be able to see how much you love your boy from your attitude and body language

    good luck and keep us updated!
  • Thanks, everyone I do feel lonely now that I'm on my own never thought I would feel this way about a baby thou. He is my little precious and I just want to take him with me maybe one day he will be able to come home with me and my family. When I see him mon and tues for a couple of hrs I play with him, feed him and change him and he looks at me with his starry eye's and little grin beautiful. When I leave him he cry's and so do I have a tear in my eye.

    I dread the thought of Kelly and her weirdo boyfriend looking after him that evil man beast.
  • u sound like a really good dad to me!!!! And remember if ever you are feeling lonely we are all here to chat too!!! xxx
  • Thanks all, for your posts and Merry Christmas to ya!

    I was a drunken mess when Kelly left me and suffering depression so I when to seek help at the local medical centre. The MHT were really good with me and got me through I also stopped drinking. Some things really do change peoples life's. I'm now studying for a degree in IT. IT technician is like being a professor in IT.

    I think there's 9 hundred questions in the exam!

    I also have a few confictions; D&D and shoplifting! I've been so stupid and need to start over!

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