Baby friendly tuna pasta

Ok this is a terrible thing to admit, I don't cook. I have a wonderful husband who does it all and i would like to surprise myself and him by making a tuna pasta that the three of us could have for tea and I'm wondering how you would make it bearing in mind that our 10 month old son will be eating it also.

Thank you for your help.


  • u could go very nice and simple, copped toms, sweetcorn (naturally sweet, not sweetened) and tuna in sunflower oil (not brine) .... cook the pasta as usual and drain then add the other bits (plus a few herbs -basil, oregano etc or mixed herbs) stir around for 5 minutes over the heat to heat it all through, then serve with some french stick, for lo u can either puree/finely chop his up for soon feeding, or leave the pieces of pasta (bows/twists/penne) for him to pick up and feed himself

    hth xx
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