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Petra CAN EAT CHEESE.Nobody can explain this.It is not that her allergy is passing,as she still reacts to even a drop of a milk.But she can stuff herself with cheese with no ill effect.I mean hard cheese like cheddar,am to scared to try her with creamy one like laughing cow as she is really reactive to youghurts,cottage cheese etc.I am still in absulute shock.Martina


  • Is she lactose intolerant? Its just that cheese is very low in lactose so that could be why she's ok with cheese.

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  • Yeah she tried some by accident.It was actually a local smoked cheese as we were on holiday and she wolfed down half of it before I realized what she was beiing fed.Next day I tried her on a pasta dish with double cream in it and she was fine too.I decided to stop until we come home,so a week later back in Britain I made lasagne with cottage cheese and she had a reaction straight away. So my hopes fell down again,but sinse I have tried her again with cheddar and she is fine,even on daily basis.I just cant resist.Today I made a lentil casserole with sauce made using whipping cream and SHE WAS FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dietitian cannot explain it other than mayby is below her treshold,but that does not make sence,as she cannot tolerate ANY milk yet easily eats masses of cheese. Well,she is supposed to be milk protein allergic,not lactose intolerant,and i was told that the 2 are completely different and have got different symptomps too,which makes sence,as she never had same symptomps as Chloe.But maybe she is actually allergic to lactose,if there is such thing,not just intolerancy?But then she would react to lactose in my breastmilk,which she does not,so I dont know.Hpoe this thing passes for both of them and all other children as it makes life so difficult!!!!Anyway ,Pepi is one on Saturday!I cant believe it!!!!!!!
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