Still constipated

3 days of prunes, bran and oj and my little princess is still constipated...well she is doing one poo a day a very very hard poo which resembles a large malteaser (sorry haha!!) and it takes her a good four or more attempts of straining to get it out!!

Should i up the dosage of bran and prunes or take her to the docs?

Thank you x

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  • I'd take her to the dr's. They'll probably prescribe Lactulose, then you can give as much or little as she needs. xx
  • Thanks mithical we have an appointment later on today.

  • Ah poor LO! Hope it sorts itself'd better be armed with plenty of wipes!!!!

  • I know mybutler she has a small tear from straining poor little one up until now doctors have said prunes, prune juice, oj, bran etc i have a feeling we are in for an explosive day anytime soon lol!!

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