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Hi ladies, apologies for G/C your forum. But I was wondering if any of you had any good recommendations for baby books?

This is my 1st little bundle and I'm 21+4 and I have a book about pregnancy but it suddenly dawned on me that I don't have anything on what to do when the baby arrives?!?!

Help please! xxx image


  • It's a minefield as it depends massively on the parenting style that feels right to you. There are certain parenting books I would burn and post the ashes to the authors and others that I would actually like to forcibly insert into their ..... Anyhoo, I digress.

    I only discovered what felt right parenting-wise when Monty arrived. However, some approaches I knew were wrong for us beforehand. Rather than spend a lot on books that might be completely wrong for you, why don't you get a few from the library and if you find one you like go with that.

    But, when baby arrives, go with your instincts. NEVER let a book make you feel frustrated or like a failure. Remember, your baby hasn't read the book! If it makes you feel in any way negative... Burn the offending tome image

    I haven't used a guide to parenting per se but find the second half of the Sear's book handy as it's a reference guide for health issues etc. Something like that is useful from a practical standpoint.

    Sorry for any spelling/grammatical errors - typing on my iPhone and in a rush!!!!
  • Thanks ladies!

    Anyone else with any good books? I love a good read so will probably get a few! xx
  • I found 'The Baby Whisperer' by Tracey Hogg really good. Take the good tips but don't follow any of them religiously or you'll drive yourself mad.
  • I had a few. Baby Whisperer, Confident baby care (supernanny Jo Frost) 2 x Miriam Stoppard on practical parenting and a freebie little taster of Contented Baby by Gina Ford (would never have bought it, came free with a baby mag) and lastly What to Expect in 1t year as Claire mentions.

    these books were my comfort blanket, along with this website. Hubby and I were always saying "what does the book say" "ask someone on that website you go to"

    But in the end it was a combination of all the books with a great big dose of mothering instinct that got me through it. S x
  • Another vote for What to Expect... here. I haven't read any of the others though.
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