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millie had her first injections...

she was so good and only cried for about 10secs after she had them she slept all afternoon by the evening she was very grumpy not like her normal happy self the doctor said this could happen and gave us some calpol said to use as a last resort, in the end she went to sleep so i never used it but that night she wouldnt go to sleep! she normally sleeps 9pmish til 5am then til 8am and if she ever wakes in the night she will just put herself back to sleep but she woke every hour!! i had to keep picking her up cuddling her then putting her back down by 5am she was still not settling so i brought her downstairs and slept on the sofa with her on her pillow at the other end and she then slept til 9am but took a while to settle. she has been back to smiling 2day and has just gone to sleep. can i put this down to her injections?? she has never been this bad at night even from birth! and shes been sleeping trough for a few weeks now i am so tired 2day and im hoping she will go back to her normal routine?? someone please put my mind at rest! shes 8 weeks xx


  • That sounds like immunisations to me. My lo was grumpy afterwards too. I gave him some calpol at bedtime and he slept ok.

    Have a quick word with your GP if you are worried, they won't mind.
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