How to get rid of rash under chin???

My poor man is a drool monkey galore, eats messily and so on and so forth ... and the poor underside of the chin is at war! It is all rough with these clusters of rashy type patches, red (doesn't seem to be hurting though) - just looks horrid.

I have tried oilatum, magic cream (these work wonders on the dry patches on his legs), tried sudocrem and vaseline as well ... it is not doing anything for the chin Sad

I bought pampers sensitive wipes to wipe his face, they make the chin worse (ain't gonna use them anymore).

I will try not to use any wipes on the chin, just wash with water.... ?

Do you girls have any ideas how to get rid of the chin sores????

Thanks in advance,

Edite and Hugo xx


  • well I was going to recommend Vaseline or Sudocrem!!! Maybe if it continues ands no cream has worked have a word with your gp/hv.
    For now I would just try and keep it dry & clean and def not use wipes just water.
  • Sun! Gabe used to have it really bad and when we spent a fortnight in malta in 30degree just went! Sadly not an option here unless you wanna put him on the sunbeds lol (maybe not).

    Since Gabe has had eczema we have had to use a cream called Diprobase on him every day, anyhow we apply it to his whole body including under the chin and he's not had the rash since. You can get a tube of it for about ??3 in the chemist but you can get it on prescription if it works. Also keep the chin as dry as you can. xxx
  • Isabel has this on ocasions too as she has reflux, i took her to the docs and he gave her Timodine, which I found was magic, it only took a few applications.

    I always try to make sure her neck is clean and dry to try and avoid it flaring up. (i know how difficult it is tho).

    Hope this helps.
    Claire and Izzy
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