Random waking in the night

Lewis is 13 weeks old and can go 10pm-8am without a feed but trying to get him to sleep through is very difficult! He randomly wakes a couple of times a night and we know it isnt for food. Sometimes a dummy can settle sometimes t doesn't. Haven't really got any idea why he wakes, has anybody else had this problem or got any ideas what to try?

Please help!


  • jason's 8 months n he did this when we first moved him into his own room. have you tried cooled boiled water as lo my be thristy? we started using a lightshow with jason as it turns itself on when he wakes up n cries n it used to send him back too sleep.
    Also it could possibly be teeh as Naz7 said, jason gums began fittling out at about 12/14weeks but didnt get any teeth til he was 5 n a half months. you can get these dummy like teethers which you put in the fridge n they're like a dummy but shaped round the gums, worked wonders for jason, he still loves them now even though he got 6 teeth. I think we got them from morrisons but i'm sure that won't be the only place you can get them.

    good luck
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