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when tyler had his jabs on monday he was restless for 2 nights. On these nights he would wake and not settle again. I ended up putting him in bed with me for peace sake. I was tired & so was he. Now though he is really pushing it. Waking up at 3am & crying till I put him in my bed. Which last night I did. I KNOW - DONT SAY IT! I SHOULDNT of done it. but i am so exhusted with Isaac who wakes in the night & is usually in my bed by 4am and I am currently getting up to get J up to go to the loo as we have started getting him dry in the night. So it just seemed like the final straw when Tyler woke up. How can I get him to go back to sleep? Dad is not an option of help although he might see to Isaac in the night. HELP - Im sooooo tired!


  • I'm afraid to say you may just have to check he is ok when he wakes and then just leave him to it.
    He will obviously be angry that you are not taking him in with you but you really need to break the habit.
    I have done this on occasion with my lo and it has taken a couple of nights but after a lot of whinging, she has slept in her own cot again.

    I don't know what else other people will suggest but that worked for us!

    I do miss her in my bed now though, she is 1 and will not sleep with me (even for a doze!) she just thinks its a game and bounces up and down and climbs the headboard!!

  • JunieMummy

    I hve the exact same problem OH was bringing LO into bed during the night because he was too tired to walk with him, it was ok the first couple of times but now he's taking the piss!! I ended up shouting at oh last night about 3 in the morn because he was ready to do it again! LO has been sleeping through since about 8 weeks old and now he deliberately wakes up about 3/4 to get into the bed now! which has p*ssed me right off ecause its un done all my hard work at getting him in his cot and sleeping through! So last night when he started to scream because he wasnt getting in the bed i walked about with him for about half an hour then he ended up really sleepy and i put him in his cot he did have a wee cry for a couple of mins but he fell back asleep, he WILL not be coming back in the bed lol its a bloody nightmare what you need to deal with isnt it!!

    and about the night feed it's fine, I still give lo a night feed if hes still up at about 10, it knocks him off to sleep

    xx Lyns
  • Well he done the exact same last night. In the end I had to bring him downstairs and pop him in his pushchair with a milk to settle him (didnt want to cuddle him) *sigh*
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