How many oz's at 6 weeks?! Also in Bottlefeeding....


My LO is 6 weeks on weds and feeds every 3/4 hours. I offer her 4oz's each feed, however during the night she will normally only take 2'ish oz's & fall asleep on the bottle. She seems happy with this and goes the normal time between feeds. She has been on 4oz bottles for 2 weeks now, & I was wondering if she should be on more? She seems content after feeds etc & sleeps well (most of the time!) During the day, she will normally finish 4oz's, but fall asleep half way through but is easily woken with some burping!! She is gaining weight & is happy & healthy.

Thanks in advance

CG xxx


  • Hi,

    I can't remember how much James took at that age. But if most of the bottles are emptied during the day, just go up an ounce. I always went by James's lead. HTH. xx
  • Hello,

    I was advised to gauge feeds by baby's weight, as opposed to age. My HV suggests 2.5oz for every lb of weight i.e. offer a 10lb baby 25oz in a 24 hour period.

    Hope that helps :\)
  • hun my daughter is almost 5 months old, on the 75th centile for weight and still only takes 4 ozs a feed! your daughter will let you know when she wants more, when she is emptying every bottle for about 3-4 feeds in a row then i would make up 5ozs, she will let you know herself when she needs more. x
  • If she is emptying all her 4oz bottles during the day then offer 5oz.. you will soon know weather she wants it or not.

    My ds is 7 weeks and taking 5oz every 3 hours xx
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