Baby boy names !!

Looking for some fresh idea's me and the OH have been trying for weeks on deciding a name, we liked Harley for a long, long time even before I got Pregnant but ive gone off the name Im not sure it suits our personality but the OH still loves it, but im realy not convinced we both also like Joshua Craig, Craig after the OH I like Jacob but the OH doesnt image so realy need some more idea's, please help !!!


  • i went to uni with a girl called harley
  • I like traditional names, especially those you can shorten;

    William (Will)
    Oliver (Ollie)
    Matthew (Matt)
    Daniel (Dan)
    Samuel (Sam)
  • My LO is jacob and i love it lol... if we have another boy he will be a Daniel x
  • If we'd had a boy he would have been Isaac. I really liked Reggie too but dh didn't.
  • My little is Reuben Thomas I love it x
  • my boys are


    other boys names i love are


    let us know what u decide hun xx
  • We had Cooper picked out for a boy x
  • We had :
    Sebastian (hubby hated)

    We settled on Ethan and it fits him well (plus he was born before bloomin Danni Minogues boy) lol
  • Our little boy is Samuel Patrick. He's then got the choice of Samuel or Sam when he's older. Other names we had on the list were Jacob, Alfie and Oliver.
  • My son is Brodie, which i love. I also had Jackson, Oliver, Cameron and Rory.

  • We have a Dylan his middle name is James

    Also liked Luke and Isaac when I was pregnant

  • We have and Alfie and an Oskar and love those names I also loved Quinnlan and Guiseppe (grandads name) but oh wasnt keen
  • Joshua and Jacob are both very nice - I was convinced we were having a boy our shortlist names were Glen, Ellis and Blair I also liked Noah, Kake and Aiden
  • My little boy aged 9 weeks is Caleb Jack Henry Thomas!!
    all my favourite names!!
    boys are difficult though
    good luck
  • We had Elliot or Elias picked out for a boy. We also had Noah, Isaac and Cameron on the shortlist.
  • We had Thomas picked out, or Jason, but we had a girl. image
  • Our boy is called Gabriel Andrew (Gabe) I actually wanted to call him Laurence (Laurie) long story but oh didn't like it!!
    I think Joshua Craig is nice but not so sure on Harley - like calleigh I assume it's a girls name, sorry!
    I really like the traditional names mentioned but also like Michael dont think it's been mentioned.
  • Harely is one of those names that can be for either. I taught a Harley last year and he was adorable but have also known Harley as a girls name
  • i like the more unusual names.

    my boys are Zachary and Ryder.

    hubby wanted stanley for my youngest lo, but luckily she turned out to be a girl.

    i know a lot of harley's and they are all boys. one of the little boys round the school is called Gage and i think that sounds really funky.

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