look at this - poorly ear!

Not sure if i need to take him to dr's, its been like this a week, i been bathing it but its getting worse! he didnt scracth himself it just appeared and is getting quite sticky and pussy. he doesnt seem to be in pain either! anyone elses little on got anything similar!


its a skin infection, should clear up with cream been given although it looks worse today, if no better in week go blk! xx

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  • could it be wringworm? it looks like it to me. Have you tried bathing it with dettol? x
  • Charlotte's ears used to get a bit icky behind them mainly used to milk collecting round there, but it looked nothing like that. I would take him to the docs cos if it's getting puss in it it most probably could be infected. He'll most probably prescribe anti-bac cream or something like that? Best to be safe than sorry,
  • i been bathing it with boiled cool water, but its definitly getting bigger, the pic isnt great but in the crease its like white puss! will call dr's later to get it checked!
  • i woumd take him to the doctor faith was like that i got some cream for it now it getting better but it has taken a long time
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