baby with skin tags?

Hi ladies,

Just wandering if any of you have experienced any skin tags with your little ones. My 1 yr old boy has a skin tag just on the outside of his bum (anus in doctor speak!) and it has got bigger over the last couple of months.

I took him to the doctor today who was useless and made me feel really anxious that it might be something worse. He was really airy fairy and started by saying although he knew about them he wanted to look it up to make sure.........alarm bells! (I don`t expect them to know everything but he is a locum doctor and when I saw him before his first Q was 'What would you like me to do' which isn`t reassuring when you are asking their advice! He then starting asking if we had any bowl diseases/conditions in our family.

He kept saying he wasn`t sure and I was itching for him to ask for somebody elses advice but kept insisting he thinks it would be 'ok' to leave it for now and see how it goes. He asked again 'what would I like to do' which I think is bizarre! I just said I wanted the best for Toby! He said in some cases it can be linked to problems such as bowl conditions etc.

Just wandering if any of you have had any experience of this and any advice? I am usually full of praise for all of my doctors and I think they do a wonderful job but this particular doctor makes me worry so much so will make sure I see somebody else next time - I`m not a moaner, promise!

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