Granary Bread and Berry Seeds

My LO is almost 8 months and eats really well - we didn't do BLW but we introduced lumps early on and she's happy feeding herself little sandwiches and big lumps of fruit and veg. She has normal adult rice and whole sweetcorn (not on the cob - now that would be amazing!

Is it ok to give her granary bread with seeds in? Also, what about strawberries and stuff with little seeds? She's just finished the big batch of pur????ed berries I made for her which I sieved and I'd like her to eat them raw now - is this ok?

B xx


  • My lo is also almost 8 months and she scoffs strawberries, I also give her bread sometimes with seeds in it. She has had no problems with them so far, we do see them come through the other end at nappy changes though:lol:
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