does anyone else feel like they are living on the edge?

grrr must have been a bad day but i have found myself really running low on patience!
im sure they take turns at driving me insane!
liam wouldnt get up for school this morning so was late, had to resort to cold water to the face to move him
oliver seems to be taking terrible 2's to a new level!
and evie is big time teething so not very happy!

aarrrggg! i have just been in a horrid mood all day!
please tell me im not alone?

the kids r just doing what kids do at their ages but today i felt myself losing control and its not a nice place to be

and to end the day my neighbours kid has chicken pox!! ffs sposed to be going to be meet !!!

ohhhh feel better now i got it out


  • I feel like that sometimes especially when they baby is crying (shes got colic) and my 3 year old starts to have a paddy coz i am not paying her the attention she needs!!

    She says put baby in her bed and play with me and i say i cannot do that coz baby needs help with her wind so then she starts screeming and stamping her feet and throwing and not doing as she is told all along lillian is screaming coz she has got trapped wind!!

    I sometimes feel like tearing my hair out!!
    You are not alone x x
  • everyday :lol: my house is a mad house, I have teenage tantrums at one end and toddler terrible twos on the other, inbetween them I have a 9 year old who I'm sure has permanent pmt and a 4 year old who know everything, life is sweet :lol:
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