We are going to get Frankie a baby swing this afternoon as she likes to be rocked to sleep and during the day she wakes really easily when we put her down. Hopefully a swing will save my arms and let me do some jobs whilst she is sleeping.

Has anyone used them? How did you find them and have you any suggestions? We did get a graco one from asda but its not very snug and too upright so taking it back. We like the look of the fisher price take along swings.


  • my sister has one and her little man wont even sit in it at all, i think the problem is babys like to be rocked back and forth not side to side. Most babys anyway. x
  • Hi

    I've got the fisher price rain forest cradle swing and it rocks back and forth and side to side. Maiya is nearly 15 weeks and enjoys going in it. The seat reclines back and she's even had the off nap. I find it useful to give me a little break to do a few things round the house while she is entertained. The music isn't too annoying either and it can be switched off too. think it was ??100 but might be a bit cheaper now with crimbo offers on. I got it from kiddicare.com.

  • I am gutted because Tommy has now grown out of his Fisher Price Aquarium one (same as the rainforest but fish)! It is big but it was an absolute godsend! It was always the one place guaranteed to send him to sleep.

    I need to sell it now but am finding it hard to let go lol

  • i have the fisher price rainforest for evie
    like you tommysmum im gutted she is too big now and sits too far forward,
    it was a lifesaver as i could get loads done and play with oliver.
    well worth the money.
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