Weaning recipes

Hi ladies,

just need a bit of advice, im weaning my lo but up till now she has been on jars and i want to start making my own but not too sure about recipes, what you can freeze and what you cant, how much to do and what foods to do. lol sorry if i seem really silly but never done it before.
Any advice would be brill.

Louise & Lexi xxx


  • hi there, anything and everything really. i bought a microwave steamer, about two pound and just steam veg and blend. sweet potato i a good one as can be put with anything but lo's seem to like it. i also did apple,mango and banana puree which is lovely. one of each veg tends to be enough to make a fair vfew portions frozen in a ice cube tray.
  • Thanks ladies,

    Naz7 my lo is 5 1/2 months old but she is on hungrier baby milk and she's still demanding more, she loves her jars though lol but really wanna do my own stuff.

    Louise & Lexi-Mai xx
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