im so pathtic

i feel so pathetic, since having jayden i think iv had well i know iv had pnd, iv tryed to manage myself with it because iv had it when i was younger and all my family have had mental health promblems at some point.. and i dont want anyone interfering with my family.. anyway i feel a lot better... but since having jayden feel like i want to fit in with other mums and try to get them to like me, its soo sad lol iv never been like this! when i go to babygroups i always feel left out, when i come home i cry and get really short temperd with oh coz i have no friends, omg i sound lke a little girl..

dont know what the point of this post is, just need to write it down.. just feel like i need a friend and sick of women who all click in groups and exclude me all the time...

came back from babygroup earlyer has felt left out, even though i know them all!
all my preview mates dont even ring up anymore coz only hat they think about is getting pissed at weekends etc and im not botherd about that sort of think anymore...

lol sorry just feeling sorry for myself x


  • Hi hun
    I too suffer with pnd and did not seek help until lo 9 months. I should have got help earlier so I urge you to speak to your hv/gp. Mine are really good and helped me with a lot of things.
    I know what you are going thru, so are other mums on here. And you are def not pathetic. xxxx
  • hey,

    your not pathetic at all! I'd hate to go to a baby/toddler group on my own and would/do find it difficult to make new friends at them.

    I didn't make any friends at all at my postnatal group - I sat next to someone who turned her back on me to exclude me from a conversation and it was only the last week that I got invited to lunch with some but havn't seen them since.

    Luckily, a friend had a little girl a few weeks before me and we do things together - at one group we sit on our own and chat as it's very clicky but free! Our lo's are the only babies so we're hoping it will improve with time.... the other I know tons of people as I taught their older children and have made 1 new friend. I'm not sure what I'd do id my friend hadn't fallen pregnant too! We wern't really that good friends before we were pregnant, I definately think the people who chat and socialise with are different when you have a baby.

    Have to been to any of the meets on here? Do you know if you live near anyone?

    As for the pnd - you should talk to someone about your feelings - it's an illness that can be treated not a reason for someone to interfere with your family.

    Hope you feel better for getting it down in writing,

  • hey hunny - ive only just taken myself to doc who has diagnosed PND after ive struggled to cope with it but things feel bit better with counselling, anyway i lost all my mates after having Evan and then moving to London - the groups ive gone to are quite clicky and cause i dont bf Evan they seem to give cold shoulder - but anyway if you ever need to talk then email me as we same age ish and lo's same age ish

  • Hi, you are definitely not pathetic! I've had depression before, and I know how horrible it is - it makes it hard to do things like chat and get to know people. You said you feel a lot better than you did, but it does sound like it'd be worth speaking to your GP or HV about PND, as you don't sound very happy :cry:

    It's horrible when groups are clicky, it makes everything a lot harder. I really hope you can get some help to feel better, so you can feel more able to make friends. Having a baby is so isolating if you have no-one to talk to who's in the same boat. At least you have plenty of friends on here to chat to! :\)

    Take care, and God bless xxx
  • thanks guys, yeh ur right niblet, iv always got you guys to talk too!! be is so additive! i will think about going to docs,. yeh i also found that people seem to snub me coz im not breastfeeding,

    feeling in a better mood today had a long talk with oh last night so got a clearer mind today, thanks girls, xxxxx xx
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