Blood loss. Is it possible to have too little?

I know this is probably going to sound nuts but is it possible to not have enough blood loss after a vaginal birth?

I had my son on Sunday and have not had much blood loss. Today I have had little more than a tea spoon. I know I shouldn't complain but I am worried this is not normal and feel really silly asking the midwife.

Thanks all


  • ask your mw and dont feel silly! i had my lo 2 weeks ago today and after 4-5 days of heavy bleeding my loss all but stopped [it started again but HV said this was me doing too much!] everyone is differant, i remember after DD1s birth i only bled for 3-4 days and that was it so i wouldnt worry too much but ask to be on the safe side.
    OH and congrats on the birth! xxxx
  • God I wish! Its been terrible, but everyone is different. Do mention it to your MW hun, they'll be able to guide you.

  • Hello,

    I was very surprised at my lack of blood loss, it was very minimal. I'm not sure what I was expecting!

    As the others have said, if you are worried bring it up with your midwife. Everyones bodys are differant I guess.

    Nikola and Joe xx 16 weeks
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