Scariest moment of my life...

I was sat in the lounge earlier this evening with my 12 month old little girl and my dad. Alex was eating her mini cheddars, which are probably her most favorite snack. I break them in half to be on the safe side, usually she is very good and chews them carefully. Alex was weaned at 5 months, so I like to think that she is okay with these kinds of things.

Anyway, she started struggling for breath and was obviously choking and distressed. Immediately I went into panic mode and was glued to my seat, shouting at my dad to do something, because the look of fear on my little girls face was the most hideous thing I had ever felt. My dad picked her up, turned her upside down and smacked her between the shoulder blades a few times. A piece of biscuit flew out, which I assumed was what was choking her, but when my dad put her down on the floor again, she was still gasping, her lips at this point were turning blue. I was in shock and felt utterly hopeless. My dad then started to give Alex the heimelick manoevure (pls excuse spelling!) It was only this that made the last piece of biscuit get dislodged. After a couple of minutes of crying and some cuddles she was alright. (thankfully)

In retrospect, thinking about it, I didn't until today know how to do this position on a small child. I'd heard about it, and thought that maybe I needed to learn, but just never did. It scares the life out of me to think that if my dad hadn't been there, I would have had no idea what to do. I hate to think that I might have lost her because I didn't know how to save her.

I am now going to go on a basic child health and safety course, to learn how to look after my little girl if ever something like this were to happen again. I'm just writing this to urge anyone else who doesn't know, to find out from somewhere, because we just never know what will happen.

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  • oh that's horrible, hope she is ok now?
    ellie has choked badly on a few occasions & there was 1 patricular 1 where i didn't know what to do but honestly something takes over & you just know.
    i'm sure alex will have forgotten all about it & hopefully you'll feel a bit more secure & happy when you've done the course.
    good luck xx
  • OMG bless your heart and Alex's glad all is well now and your Dad was there to give you a helping hand.

    I would definitly recommend the course, my OH and i both did one after our twins were born because the used to stop breathing all of the time, if you speak to your HV they can do it with you xx
  • Thanks for this post! I too wouldn't have a clue what to do so this post urges me to go on a first aid course or something! Hate thinking of what could happen and I didn't know what to do!!!

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