8.5 month old still wont drink water! advice pls!


my 8.5 month old still wont drink water, i have been offering him it at meal times and during the day for 3 months now, tried in bottle, cup and beaker but he wont drink it! he will maybe have a couple of sucks then pushes it away, he is only have 3 formula bottles now so i worry he will get dehydrated which this hot weather, iv been reluctant to give juice as i really really want him to get used to drinking water and know that if i offer juice he wont ever want water! i was giving cool boiled water but have now gone to just tap water but has made no difference. any advice??

ashy x


  • No real advice but just wanted to say my DS was exactly the same. He's 11 months and what with this warm weather I finally gave in last week. I give him watered down pure apple juice (50/50) and he loves it. He's gone from drinking 1-2oz of water a day to 3-4 big cups of juice. I'm going to just up the amount of water I put in his juice now to see if I can slowly get him used to it this way. Xx

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  • In this hot weather, I give dd lolly ices made from plain water. I make them myself with moulds, and she laps them up! It also means I can eat my magnum without her pestering me for some! With regards to drinking the water, the only thing I could suggest is perseverance. dd would only ever take sips and then spit it out, but today she swug 150ml of water throughout the day (9 months)
  • I had this problem until someone told me to put spme fresh orange juice in with the water, he drank it with no problems and will drink plain water now as well but I still put a bit of orange juice in as its good and part of the 5 a day, try it.

  • Just a thought, it may not work but my LO loves to drink out of the plastic sport bottles with the pop out caps (sorry if it isn't the best description!). She will drink a bit of water from a sippy cup but goes through loads from one of those. She does slop a bit down her front but its not too bad.
  • I found with both my boys that the trick was to find a sippy cup that they'd drink out of. It did cost quite a bit in trial and error - some of the leakproof ones required too much sucking to get the liquid out, and some came out too quick. Once we found a cup that they liked it's all been fine.

    Can't remember which cups my eldest preferred (free running ones i think), but matthew likes the Nuby cup with the soft spout - they're about ??1.99 from most shops.

    the ice lolly idea sounds a good one if you're concerned about lo not getting enough to drink.

    good luck xxx
  • I did as some of the other ladies and gave juice diluted with water and slowly diluted it further and further and he'll happily drink water now. Oh he's just turned 9 months.

  • DD went through a no-drinking (pretty much ANYTHING, not just water) during a hot spell, so I gave her lots of cubed melon to eat. Horrendous nappies, but kept her hydrated.
  • My LO first showed an interest in water when I was drinking it. He was sat on my lap while I had a glass of water and he just reached out for it and pulled it to his mouth. At first he just spat the water out, but now he slurps some down and is getting better and better. It is messy, but he I don't mind a soggy trouser leg if he's trying water (and thinking that he's all grown up in the process!!) We've also used a doidy cup at home and he's getting better with a sippy cup although he mainly chews the spout!! He's 8 months old
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