Stock cubes

Are normal adult stock cubes too salty for babies?
i have some baby organic ones from boots for when i make meals just for cam but when he eats what we eat (ie soup, corned beef hash, shepherds pie) i use normal cubes!
My hv says he should be eating a lot of what we eat now so surely they should be fine!


  • how old is cam????

    my hv told me to use baby ones n luca is 8months?????
  • I think that under one their not supposed to have normal ones as they are too salty. I use Kallo Organic Low Salt ones for anything Barney is eating, they are sold as low salt but they actually have no added salt at all, they can't sell them as salt free as there is some naturally occuring sodium in them. If I want to make something for us all I just use those.
  • Hi,
    We're in a similar situation at the mo! We were told that lo had to be eating 'family foods' all the time (I don't think at the minute that's not realistic) but thats exactly what we've been doing and we've used the Kallo cubes (are really nice but couldn't find any beef ones-do they do them Bedhead?)and they are great. She told us OXO was too salty so to use baby cubes or herbs and water (can't think of the fancy name for it but you can buy all the herbs tied up in a bag thingie...brain?) but didn't say up to what age. Might be worth looking in the 0-5 Government book thing?
    Last night I made beef stew and used the Heinz gravy baby pouch as stock and it was lovely and finally lo happily ate it all. Just had chicken and veg quite happily too and the whole kitchen/dining room is tidy, clean and I can now relax for the whole evening-wahoooo! (sorry just proud of meself for once!) xx
  • I use Boots Baby Organic stock cubes for us & lo when cooking as I don't like salty things. You can get chicken, veg & beef variety.
  • ok thanks ladies! made a batch of veggie soup up yesterday and put normal stock in it so me and oh will just have to eat that x
  • I take out Tom's portion before crumbling in a cube or seasoning ours if I think about it. I never ever bought baby gravy/ cubes.
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