first time in 12 months ........

tonight im going to have an alcoholic drink .... image i havnt touched a drop since i came off the pill in feb last year image ( dont get me wrong i wasnt dependant on it before :lol: ) so oh is off to the pre stag night :roll: ,so my friend is coming round for a chinese and as she is pregnant and cant drink she can be the responsible adult :lol: ...just kiddin im only havin a couple sure thats all it will take for me to hit giggly stage image .....ooh how exiting ...hmm hope the lo's sleep well tonight :lol:

just thought id share this with u all



  • Have a lovely night hon, and enjoy it!! I didnt drink from the Dec 06 when we concieved Kelsie until October 08 when Jack was born!! There was only 11 weeks inbetween them and I was BF Kelsie so didn't drink then!!

    Enjoy image

  • enjoy yourself honey! i had my first drink on valentines night, i hadnt had a drink since i found out i was pregnant not quite 12 months but was very proud of my acheivement! hope you have a lovely night, hopy you dont have a headache tomo! xxxx
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