Next car seat size?

Hi girls, I was wondering what weights & ages you decided to get the 2nd car seat for your lo's. My dd is 16 weeks & a big girl! 7.8 kg & 66cm long. She fits snugly width ways, but her feet dangle over the end & with it being backward facing I was wondering if in a month or so shell need a new seat. I looked & her seat is supposed to be good til 13kg (aprox 15mths), but there's no way shell still fit in it at 13kg her feet will touch the back seat!
Any replies would b great! Xxxx


  • We moved Abby to FF at 7 and half months, but that is because we absolutely HAD to, as she was too big for her baby carrier (it was unsafe) and we had such a tiny car that I couldn't fit a bigger RF seat in there.

    The advice I was given at the time is that RF is always safer (so keep RF for as long as you possibly can) but only if they are in an appropriate sized seat.

    A seat is too small if they have reached the upper weight limit, or if their head has reached the top. It doesn't matter about their legs dangling off the edge - or them being a bit squished!
  • We have had a long journey with choosing 2nd stage car seats. We had brought the britax forward facing one but have now returned that and got a rear facing one for our 10mth old instead.

    I was advised by the place we brought it that should we decide to go forward facing you should use the infant carrier and keep them rear facing as long as you possibly can as it is much safer. It really doesn't matter about their legs being over the edge, my little one was resting them up the back of the seat and was comfy.

    As nikki said the main thing is that she is within the max weight and her head hasn't reached the top.

    They only become unsafe when they reach those limits hun.

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  • our LO was 7 months and 18lbs 13oz and 73/74cm when we switched for the next stage, his legs had been way over for a long time but thats ok, we had to change it as his head was too high in the carrier and would not have been supported in a accident, in the new care seat hes on the second strap setting even!

    my carrier went up to 29lbs apparently but he would have to have been a very short heavy boned 29lbs!!

  • Feet touching the seat is no problem at all. You absolutely should not consider putting her forward facing at this time. If you were to be involved in an accident, the forces involved would propel her (proportionally to her body HUGE and very heavy) head forward with such force that she could well suffer internatal decapitation.

    Please have a look at some rearfacing versus forward facing videos on Youtube. Babies need to stay RF as long as possible.

    We use a Concord Ultimax seat (actually, we have three!) which will allow LOs to stay RF to approx 18 months or possibly longer, and can then be turned FF to last until about age 4. As they last so long, they are a wise investment. Britax First Class seats work on the same principle, and you may find others (not the Nania brand ones though, they did abysmally in Which tests). Look for Group 0+/1 rating.
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