Has anyone seen PS I Love You...........

..........................and isn't it such a brilliant film!!

Watched it with OH last night, and cried a couple of times!!

I wonder how it ends though..........Does she get with William.....I hope so image

Gerry was/is HOT HOT image image image



  • Yep! Saw it with oh on Valentines day! He kept grabbing my hand and rubbing it at the sad parts lol! Gerry is definitely a HOTTIE!!! xox
  • I bet she does get with William and her mum gets with his dad lol
  • I saw this a while back. I dont really like chick flicks that much and the book hadnt appealed to me at all so I was prepared to hate it but was in tears within 5 minutes and then struggled to not cry for pretty much the whole of the film!

    I thought it was great - you cant beat a good tearjerker but I know people who have read the book and they say it doesnt live up to it - although I think most book to film versions dont, you have to try and forget about the book and enjoy the film as a different story.


  • I thought that too yummy mummy :lol: My OH does that too............I nagged him all last night and today and said to him 'Be more romantic' :lol: Today he has grabbed me and kissed me more than EVER before, and keeps seeing Galway girl too me.... Lets hope it continues........ image I shouldn't moan really....he's wonderful!

    I feel 17 again...... :lol:

    I've heard that to MumDonna. xx

  • I bet Katie has seen it....

    She's the BE film guru!
  • oh my goodness.... i cried and cried and cried!!
  • I saw it at the cinema. Didn't think much of it shame thought it would be good.
  • I cried through the whole film i loved it
  • I thought the book was rubbish and expected the film ot be bad too and it was OK. Better than the book that's for sure.
    My friend went out with Gerry at university,she's kicking herself now though. S x
  • Lucky thing isn't she hey Suz!! I bet she is lol

  • OMG Suz- what was he like??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Although she does take pride that her ex boyfriend also went out with Naomi Campbell ! S x
  • She said he was nice but not as lush or as buff as he is now. She remembers the break up being amicable but she tells everyone she dumped him. S x
  • OMG image I'm so jealous! How long were they together for? He's been with a few famous people hasn't he? Jennifer Anniston, Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell.........
  • Well, I have a question you NEED to ask your friend...how big was his wee willy winky??? image :lol:
  • PMSL!! Cheeky!!

    How big Suz............ :lol:

  • ha ha....tell, tell, tell...bet its huuuuuge!!!!!!!
    I loved the book. I sobbed the whole way through. It was brilliant. The film was probably great if you had never read the book. After reading the book it was a dissappointment.
    I am looking forwardto seeing Shopaholic ......loved the books. Think Isla fisher is perfect for the part. Anyone seen it????

  • :lol: :lol: what are u lot like .... yea how big?? :lol: ...brilliant film ,made me cry and i was at the pics ... embarresing walking out with panda eyes :lol: ...i do have to say his irish accent wasnt very good though it was driving me mad :lol: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • i watched it while i was pregnant with charlie, the weird thing is i normal cry over everything non to man, but for some reason not this movie not sure why as i know if i watched it now i would x
  • The book is one of my all time favourites books and cos the film changed so much from the book i thought it was pretty rubbish. Also when i heard they were making a film i would not have expected Hilary Swank to play the lead - someone like Reese Witherspoon would have been better.
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