ears peirced on a baby???

evening everyone image hope everyone is ok ....right i am posting this after something ive just read on my fb but i DO NOT WANT AN ARGUEMENT its just MY opinion and i know its none of my beeswax what other people do ,im just intrigued to hear if anyone has had there young babies ears peirced ,there reasons why they wanted to ...i want to know because i can not for the life of me understand why anyone would want to do it ..it bloody hurts and surely they might pull them out ,get infected etc???

ok so a girl on my fb has written that she wants to know where is cheap to get her 4 month old daughters ears peirced ...there are 34 comments everyone with an opinion ,which is fine but i dont understand why she is doing it?! it looks common in a young child imo and surely its putting them at higher risk of infection???

ok answers on a postcard please image


  • Personally, and again this is just my opinion, but I dont like it. I saw a baby the other day with proper large hoops in and thought it looked awful. However, some people like it (my auntie had all 3 of my cousins ears peirced) and thats up to them - just not my cup of tea xxx
  • I don't personally like seeing young babies with their ears pierced but thats just my opinion. I would be so paranoid that they'd pull them out and also like you say the infection risk must be a concern. x
  • Personally i think it looks dreadful, young babies and even young children with there ears pierced. I have a lil boy but if i had a lil girl i will not be getting her ears pierced until at least teens.
  • Hia
    I totaly agree. I think it's really cruel having babies ears pierced and can't understand why it is legal in young babies.
    However, my mum had my ears pierced when I was 2 as I asked for them and it has not done me any harm.
    I think it all depends on the age but having babies ears pierced is awful.
  • Personally I'd never do it but there are some cultures where it is expected so if done for cultural reasons then fair enough. But I don't agree with doing it for your own vanity - because it's not like your baby is going to be turning to you and asking you to do it so it's not their vanity
  • I will prob have some haters now but I think its really cute!it is a very personal thing but I like it!
    I will b getting heidis ears done in about months time.my mum get me and little sis done every early and never had any prob with them(infection or pulling them) I think if keep clean like u would at any age they will b fine!
    I will only b kkeeping really small studs in heidi till she is older!no need for hoops as they can catch fingeers in holes!

    This is a personal thing more ppl prob will not like it but am one who does.
  • I would never do it until dd is about 7, studs in a little girl is quite nice, not in a baby! but my mum had my ears pierced when I was 9 months and I know my dad was not happy about it.
  • I don't see the point in it tbh. I don't see any good points in it at all really, there are other ways to make a baby look cute. I'm not criticising anyone who does get their lo's ears pierced but I personally wouldn't do it to mine until they're old enough to ask for it done. x
  • I don't understand it either. I think anything that marks your body for the rest of your life should be YOUR choice, not your parents. What if they grow up and never wear earrings? They've got holes in their ears for no reason! I certainly don't think it's cute either. It's scarring your child for your enjoyment if you say 'oh but it's cute' - buy them a cute outfit instead.

    On another note - I have seen a few Asian children with thir ears and nose pierced but as this is for cultural reasons I don't see a problem with it.
  • I think it looks awful! I like babies to look like babies. x
  • I agree with the rest of you, it's a no-no for me.
  • interesting replies ..firsttimeheidi no one is going to hate you ,she is your baby and its your desicion i just wanted to see a majority vote ....

    i dont want this to sound at all bad or in any way a relection on being prejedice towards young mums BUT is it something that is more often done by a younger mum than an older one?? (im 26 and count myself as a young mum btw so im not labelling anyone) the girl im talking about isnt 21 yet and this is her 2nd baby!! just wondering image xx
  • I dont like it and think it looks tacky and awful but thats just my opinion and wouldnt judge others having it done. My mum pieced my ears when I was young and same with my sisters. me and my older sister had no problems but my little sisters were so good, nothing bad happened but she didnt agree to the piecings and still doesnt now at 24!
    I have a 4 year old who kept asking me to have them done but I have said no not until I beilve she is old enough to make an informed descion not one based on her friends having them done so there is no way on earth I would piece my babies ears!
    on the subject :lol: I have been told im hypicritical because I have pieceings and tatoos! I would like to say, yes I have I dont deny it but I was old enough to make that desicion for myslef (minus the ears!!) and my children will be allow when they are old enough not to look awful!
  • Not for me either. I see it as a kind of child cruelty.

    I remember when i got my ears pierced, i was 13 years old and i went on and on at my mum to have them done coz all my friends had their ears pierced and it really hurt, plus i got an infection around the piercing, wasn't nice. Now i don't even wear earrings, have tried to put them in but it hurts so i guess the holes have closed.

    Don't understand, as a mother, how you can put your baby through that?
  • I used to work in Claires accessories and pierced ears there. I didn't really notice a difference in the age of Mums wanting their babies ears pierced, as others have said it was mainly a cultural thing i noticed, I pierced a lot of asian babies ears as soon as they could (ie. when they brought in their book to show imms were up to date). We had problems often with refusing to pierce children whose parents didn't speak clear enough English to understand us but still wanted them pierced. Unless they had a fluent english speaker with them I never did it.
    Personally, I dont really like it on babies, little girls who have decided themselves I dont mind. But anyways, i have a baby boy so no worries for me!!

  • I'm definitely not a fan.

    Out of interest, what age do you think it is ok for girls to get it done? I was 13 and I think if I ever have a girl I would make them wait until they were around this age. Perhaps that's unrealistic though.
  • g/c from due in june
    not to sure on the age thing, im only 19 (im expecting a boy) but if i wer to ever have a girl i wouldnt ever peirce her ears, not untill she was old enough to make a proper informed decition herself, my mum wouldnt let me get mine peirced untill i was 12, so if i wer to ever have a daughter she would have to be around 12/13 before i let her get her ears peirced!!!!
    No offence to anyone who does get their babies ears peirced, i just don't like seeing babys ears peirced, but thats just my personal opinion
  • I think I would probably get my daugters done as soon as she was old enough to understand the risks and to understand the pain. I think the age all depends on the individual child. I would say my daughter would probably be at least 10 before I let her have them done.
    But who knows until we are there!!
  • I dont think its a age thing, I was just 20 when i had dd1 and im 25 now with 2 girls and like i said no way i would let them have them pierced.
    personally for me, I would want them to be 14 before having them done. I made the desicion at 14 to have my belly button pierced and have not regretted my desicion and I think its an age where there seems to be a huge leap (mentally and physically) for girls from being 13, iyswim. this of course just my opinion.
  • hi, im going the complete opposite way to the majority. althoug i wouldnevr get my babies ears pierced as young as 9months . i would do it around the age of 2 or 3. i was 2 when i got my ears pierced and have never had a problem with them and imo i think they look cute on little girls. dont want to cause controversy. as i said thats just my opinion.
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